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    A sibling for Mckenna, Barrett and Cadence

    We just found out we are having our fourth child, due at Christmas. We like "unique but not weird" names. I'm sure people who know use think our names are weird, but oh well - Sarah, Melissa and Brian just don't do it for me. I hate nicknames in general so we tried to use names without them but it seems they are inevitable.

    #1 a girl - Mckenna Claire. We loved the sound of the name and we thought it was so unique (in 2005) - ha! It was sort of a compromise since I liked Mackenzie and hubby didn't. MN is after my maternal Grandmother Beatrice Clara. Kenna is the only NN we use for her, but very, very rarely.

    #2 a boy - Barrett Scott William. Again, love the sound of the name but this time also the meaning (strength of a bear) and that it is so uncommon. Figured Baer/Bear would be a cute nickname that could grow with him. MNs are after both his grandfathers and Daddy also has two middle names. Never occurred to me until after he was born he might be Barry someday - ew.

    #3 a girl - Cadence Victoria. We loved Cadence during my first pregnancy. When I shared the name with someone at work she said, "Oh, she could be Cadie." I didn't like that at all so we changed it. 4 years later we still loved it so we used it anyway and will fight the NN. I was sad to see it is more popular now than when I picked it originally (2004).

    So although my first two unintentionally have surnames as given names and my third doesn't, I think our "theme" is less common given names with classic middle names.

    So for #4 all I've got is:
    Girl - Brynn, Violet (great Aunt), Beatrix (Grandmother), Bronwyn - hubby doesn't really love any of these, but prefers Brynn to the rest. Violet and Beatrix are classic/old fashioned names so maybe they don't fit with my other kids given names. Maybe as a middle names? Bronwyn Violet?
    Boy - Alexander (Xander) James. MN after hubby. We loved this with my last pregnancy but now I'm not so sure. Getting too trendy?
    Weston, Kenton, Xavier - hubby doesn't like these. I still like James as a MN.

    I'd prefer if they all have different first initials but I like lots of B and M names so that's getting tricky. Our surname starts with an M.

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    Re: A sibling for Mckenna, Barrett and Cadence

    Congratulations on your fourth child-how exciting!

    I agree with you about Violet and Beatrix-they are lovely, but alongside their older siblings feel a bit out of place. I think that Bronwyn is beautiful and sounds great with your older kids. And could Bronwyn Violet be any prettier?!

    I think that Alexander may be trendy, but it's also timeless. I don't think that in 50 years Alexander will date him, particularly not with the nn Xander. I really like the name Weston though, and I think that Weston James is pretty sharp. What is it that you and DH love about Alexander? When I hear Alexander I think it sounds very masculine and strong, so maybe another name along those lines could work?
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    Re: A sibling for Mckenna, Barrett and Cadence


    I really like Bronwyn Violet too, but I have yet to sell Bronwyn on hubby. I suppose I've got lots of time to work on him.

    Hubby likes the X in Xander and he is James Geoffrey Alexander. So Alexander James would be after him. I guess we figured if he didn't like Xander when he was older he could use Alexander instead. We don't like Alex as a nn though. I wonder if we should use two MNs though if it's a boy since son #1 has two. Hubby is the second of six boys and the only one that has 2 mn in his family.

    I can't believe how few names I am coming up with this time around, maybe it's just that I haven't had much time to think about it yet. It's always a challenge to find names we both like - we've used them already, lol.

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    Re: A sibling for Mckenna, Barrett and Cadence

    Hi, just thought I'd chip in and say how much I love Brynn. I've recently fallen in love with it - and really love it as a short form of Brynhild.

    Other names I think would be really lovely:
    Girls: Idris, Leonora, Branwen (v similar to Bronwyn).
    Boys: Thrace, Zeke, Kaius

    Good luck!
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    Too many names to love!

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