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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    From your list Eulalie Camille for me, it is a pretty name and gets 9/10, because of the 'm' problem with the surname and I like the nn of Lulu.

    Rosalind Eloise is very pretty too and gets 9.5/10. Romy is cute as is Rosa which is a sweet name. Eloise is a lovely vintage name that deservedly gets the limelight these days. My fave combo for her is Eloise Matilde/a.


    PS Fern has been on my list for over 30 years and the combo I had then was Renee Fern. Renee only had a little time in the sunshine but Fern has survived and is still fresh and inviting.
    Psalm 23

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    The list is looking gorgeous!

    Eulalie Fern has a lovely, light, organic feel...but I feel like it has the same recipe (just reversed) as Clover Ottillie (not that it matters, I suppose). It does make the younger 2 sisters look more 'themed' than the rest. Eulalie Flora would be the same. Both beautiful though, and it's not something that would stop me using it, just thought I would point it out.

    Rosalind Eloise is stunning and needs no improvement, IMO, if you go down this path!

    Nothing wrong with Eulalie Faith, she's light and lilting. Just not my fave.

    Eulalie Dora - Dora feels a bit dull next to Eulalie IMO. There's also the explorer. Delia? No that doesn't work... Edie would be cute, though.

    Kind of said my bit on Sylvia. Love the flow of the pair but Sylvia is not my favourite name.

    I'm still sticking by either Rosalind Eloise or Eulalie Camille/a.

    x abelle

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    abelle I don't love Sylvia alone either, but I think I have found an even lovelier name with the same lovely flow:
    Eulalie Serena
    Eulalie Fern
    Eulalie Camille
    Rosalind Eloise

    I am happy with the Yoo-lay-lie prn. at this point, and I am swinging toward Eulalie Serena for my top choice, even over Rosalind Eloise!
    DH gave his first productive opinion, after breaking out of his 'I want a son now' funk a little. Slow progress.
    He likes Eulalie a lot but prefers Eloise to Rosalind. Romy we both like a lot.
    Hmmmm dilemmas. I do want a name we BOTH love, and I wish wish wish I could commit to Romy but it is just too nicknamey for a my tastes for a full name..
    It really is looking like Eulalie Serena/Fern tbh! Eek.
    My due date isn't for a month but I'm a lot heavier than with my last pregnancies so I'd better have the name at the ready pretty soon.

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Eulalie Serena is very ethereal/lilting/feminine/gorgeous! I really prefer this to Eulalie Sylvia. It just sounds younger, fresher.

    I just noticed Rosalind is winning the poll, how are you feeling about the results so far?

    You know, if you both really love it, I think Romy can stand alone as a first name with your girls. Brigid, Saskia, Clover and Romy is fresh and eclectic. You could pair with a really elegant/sophisticated middle?

    Romy Evangeline
    Romy Eulalia
    Romy Cordelia
    Romy Delphine
    Romy Valentine/a
    Romy Violetta
    Romy Aurelia
    Romy Ophelia
    Romy Josephine
    Romy Eleanora
    Romy Arabella
    Romy Gwendolen
    Romy Beatrice
    Romy Paloma
    Romy Henriette
    Romy Lucille
    Romy Allegra
    Romy Clementine

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Hmmm very very tempting. I love Romy Eulalia and Romy Henriette!
    We have decided on Eulalie Serena Morten for the Eulalie choice by the way! I love it more and more and the yes on it from you guys sealed the deal.

    Eulalie Serena Morten (Elsie sometimes) or Romy Eulalia Morten. Hmmmmm I like the sound of those as choices. There's something about Rosalind that feels less special.
    Yes she got more votes in the poll but if you count the votes for Eulalie as a whole they vastly outmatch her. Tricky.

    Maybe time to ask the kids..Oh dear this could be hilarious.
    Thanks abelle. If I do use Eulalie you can tell your little girl that she was the inspiration for a baby named across the world.

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