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    Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Hello. I hope I'm not posting too often. I am down to my last two first names and just want some clarity as to which sounds the best fit with my girls. I don't mind something not being matchy, I just like a nice balance if that makes any sense.
    I have so far a Brigid Winslet (although the current vogue for her is spelling her name the conventional way) and a Saskia Polly and a Clover Ottilie; currently the baby.
    My final two names are:
    Rosalind Eloise, nn Romy- middle name probably set, unless I get a better suggestion!
    Eulalie- the current favourite. no middle name decided but the options are..

    Eulalie Camille (nn Eula/Lalie)
    Eulalie Sylvia (nn option Elsa)
    Eulalie Flora (nn option Effie/Elfie)
    Any suggestions are welcome! I am a sucker for a feisty nickname.

    Anyway, the main questions are 1- which name goes best with my other kids? and 2- which name combination do you like best overall?

    Looking forward to any responses,

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    I love your names, they're wonderful!

    1) I think that Eulalie Sylvia goes best with your other kids, personally, down to the nickname Elsa, which goes very well indeed.

    2) I like Eulalie Flora best. It's lovely, and Effie is gorgeous! Also, have you considered Rosalind Eulalie?

    Here are some middle name surgestions with spunky nickname potential (OK, so some are a little off, but they are just plain cool)--

    Eulalie Stella 'Susy'
    Eulalie Beatrix 'Bea'
    Eulalie Gwendolyn 'Wendy'
    Eulalie Dorothy 'Dolly' or 'Dotty'
    Eulalie Eleanor 'Nellie'
    Eulalie Meredith 'Merely'
    Eulalie Dora 'Edie'
    Eulalie Virginia 'Vinnie'

    I hope you find something lovely!
    of smoke and embers in ancient woodland; much love & I are waiting for you.

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Eulalie Camille is absolutely stunning and I think it sounds great with the other girls' names. The only tiny concern I have is that maybe Eulalie is a little close to Ottilie but I don't think that's too big a deal. My vote is for Eulalie Camille.

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    I know you're probably sick of me but just wanted to give you my absolute final opinion on the subject.

    Eulalie Camille.

    I thought the nn Elka / Elke would be adorable.

    That's all folks!

    x abelle

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    Re: Fourth sister, to join Bridie, Sash and Clover

    Ooh abelle I never thought of Elka for some reason! Love it.
    And oliviasarah I love Eulalie Dora from your list (Plus Edie)
    elsiek thanks for the heads up.. I don't think it will be too big an issue as Ottilie is just a middle name and rarely used. Thank you though. Glad you like the names, I am pleased as punch

    So after your comments the list is kind of like this:
    Rosalind Eloise or
    Eulalie Sylvia Morten
    Eulalie Flora Morten (abelle made the earlier point that our surname could make this too rhymey. She might be right I think!)
    Eulalie Fern Morten (this one is growing on me again abelle)
    Eulalie Camilla Morten
    Eulalie Dora Morten
    Eulalie Faith Morten (a new addition)

    No shorter I know, but I definitely like all these.
    Thank you for your patience. I know I am finicky!

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