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    Re: Family Tree Game

    Generation One
    Arthur Michael Madison and Cora Delphine Davis Madison

    Generation Two
    1. Arthur James Madison "AJ"
    2. Lydia Grace Madison
    3. Amelia Colette Madison
    4. Davis Robert Madison
    5. Hannah Rose Madison
    6. Matthew Howard Madison
    7. Lucas Daniel Madison
    8. Vera Delphine Madison
    9. Marcus Andrew Madison

    Generation Three
    Arthur James "AJ" Madison and Vivian Louise Michaels Madison
    1. Michael Arthur Madison
    2. Brittany Michelle Madison
    3. Benjamin David Madison
    4. Ashley Claire Madison
    5. Thomas Franklin Madison
    6. Samantha Jane Madison
    7. Zachary Lukas Madison
    8. Rebecca Anne Madison "Becky"
    9. Daniel Joseph Madison
    10. Sarah Kelly Madison
    11. Anthony Carl Madison

    Lydia Grace Madison Flowers and Brandon Jonas Flowers
    1. Macy Elizabeth Flowers
    2. Nolan Bradley Flowers
    3. Madison Faith Flowers
    4. Owen Christopher Flowers

    Amelia Colette Madison Chang and Jason Li Chang
    1. Maisie Cora Fa Chang

    Davis Robert Madison and Emma Christine Raleigh Madison
    1. Holly Kathryn Madison
    2. Royce Daniel Madison (twin to Davis)
    3. Davis Robert Madison, Jr. (twin to Royce)
    4. Jenna Kamryn Madison

    Hannah Rose Madison Cole and Colby Donald Cole
    1. Hayden Arthur Cole (twin to Hunter)
    2. Hunter Matthew Cole (twin to Hayden)
    3. Flora Madison Cole
    4. Asher Lawrence Cole
    5. Lee Donovan Cole
    6. Daisy Rebekah Cole
    7. Canyon Michael Cole
    8. Lily Maria Cole
    9. River Andrew Cole
    10. Cedar Louis Cole
    11. Pepper Virginia Cole
    12. Sage Elizabeth Cole

    Matthew Howard Madison and Emily May Marsters Madison
    1. Jupiter May Madison (g)
    2. Texas Sunrise Madison (b)
    3. Lonestar Brantley Madison (b)
    4. Pearly Gates Madison (g)
    5. Orbit Heaven Madison (b)
    6. Ranger Cowboy Madison (b)
    7. Alabama Diamond Madison (g)
    8. Dreamweaver Angel Madison (g)

    Lucas Daniel Madison-Gore and Russell Archer Madison-Gore
    1. Andile Ngosi Madison-Gore "Andy" (twin to Aya, adopted from Ethiopia)
    2. Ayodele Imani Madison-Gore "Aya" (twin to Andy, adopted from Ethiopia)
    3. Taras Volodymyr Madison-Gore "Tas" (adopted from the Ukraine)
    4. Quy Linh Nguyet Madison-Gore "Quinn" (adopted from Vietnam)
    5. Sahak Vartan Madison-Gore "Zak" (adopted from Armenia)
    6. Emem Farai Madison-Gore "Emmy" (adopted from Ethiopia)
    7. Aghavni Anoush Madison-Gore "Aggie" (adopted from Armenia)
    8. Trai Bao Duc Madison-Gore "Trey" (adopted from Vietnam)
    9. Symon Vsevolod Madison-Gore "Sy" (adopted from the Ukraine)

    Vera Delphine Madison Ivins and Toby Richard Ivins
    1. Shane Jacob Ivins

    Marcus Andrew Madison and Megan Ruth Fox Madison
    1. Taylor Anna Madison
    2. Morgan Beth Madison
    3. Cameron Claire Madison
    4. Reese Delia Madison
    5. Troy Edward Madison
    baby BOY arriving november 2015

    currently considering:
    Martin, Shepherd, Edmond, Teagan, Winston, Absalom
    a girl would have been named:
    Beatrix Judith

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    Re: Family Tree Game

    Step 1: Name generation #1, the parents/grandparents.
    Marjorie Ruth Owens Smith and Clarence Conrad Smith

    Step 2: Roll the dice to determine how many children are in generation #2. Then, roll the dice again for each child for the genders. Even number means girl. Odd number means boy. Name the children.
    1-Boy- Lionel Felix Smith
    2-Girl- Dorothea Eleanor Smith
    3-Boy- Sidney Patrick Smith "Sid"

    Step 3: Roll the dice again for each child in generation #2 for how many children he/she and his/her spouse have (you can choose which ones reproduce). Then, roll the dice for each grandchild for the genders. Even numbers means a girl. Odd number means a boy. Name the grandchildren.
    Lionel Felix Smith and Octavia Violet Edwards Smith
    1-Girl- Felicity Joyce Smith
    2-Girl- Vivienne Emerald Smith
    3-Boy- Anthony Simon Smith
    4-Boy- Peter Sebastian Smith
    5-Boy- Harvey Frederick Smith
    6-Girl- Josephine Elise Smith
    7-Boy- Abel Ephraim Smith
    8-Boy- August Samuel Smith
    9-Boy- Elijah Paul Smith
    10-Boy- Earnest Solomon Smith
    11-Boy- Calvin Theodore Smith
    12-Boy- Jeremy Isaac Smith

    Dorothea Eleanor Smith Jackson and Cairo Zachary Jackson
    1-Girl- Ruby Katherine Jackson
    2-Boy- Seth Christopher Jackson
    3-Girl- Claire Victoria Jackson
    4-Boy- Reid Asher Jackson
    5-Boy- Henry Francis Jackson
    6-Boy- Dominic Alexander Jackson

    Sidney Patrick Smith and Camille Penelope White Smith
    1-Boy- Abram Augustine Smith
    2-Girl- Rowena Ruth Smith
    3-Boy- Levi Lucas Smith
    4-Girl- Alice Antonia Smith
    5-Boy- Micah Maximilian Smith
    6-Girl- Sophia Simone Smith
    7-Girl- Delia Dorothy Smith
    8-Girl- Beverly Beatrice Smith
    9-Girl- Junia Josephine Smith
    10-Girl- Adela Anne Smith
    11-Girl- Helena Harriet Smith

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    Re: Family Tree Game

    Generation One:
    Harrison Robert Middleton
    Erin Michaela Middleton

    Generation Two:
    Lilah Brooklyn
    Violet Olivia
    Mason James

    Generation Three:
    Lilah Brooklyn marries Jackson Ray:
    Parker Joseph
    Annaleigh Blake
    Ellery Pearl
    Luke Benjamin (identical twin)
    Braden Thomas (identical twin)
    Charlie Grant
    Stella Cadence
    Gracelyn Rose

    Violet Olivia marries Ryan William:
    William (Liam) Ross
    Henry Nickolas
    Emily Grace
    Quinten (Quinn) Robert
    Jacob (Jake) Harrison
    Sawyer Andrew
    Leah Charlotte
    David Isaac (identical twin)
    Logan Matthew (identical twin)

    Mason James marries Katherine Marie
    Finn Mitchell
    Noah Michael (identical twin)
    Hudson James (identical twin)
    Belle Elizabeth
    Landon Everett
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

    Currently loving....
    Henry, Jack, Jude, Liam, Beckett, Wesley, Noah, Mason, Simon, Luke
    Lucia (Lucy), Annabel, Eloise, Leah, Avery, Brennan/Brynn, Lilah, Reese, Annora, Antonia

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    Re: Family Tree Game

    Generation #1
    Harper Elizabeth & Zachary Daniel McGuinness

    Generation #2
    1Girl- Emma Jo Elizabeth McGuinness
    2Boy- Parker Daniel McGuinness
    3Boy- Henry Benjamin McGuinness
    4Boy- Trenton Zachary McGuinness
    5Girl- Lily Leona McGuinness
    6Girl- Bailey-Grace McGuinness
    7Boy- Nicolas Dean McGuinness
    8Girl- Charlotte June McGuinness
    9Boy- Liam Oliver McGuinness
    10Girl- Sophia Jane McGuinness
    11Girl- Tessa Lauren McGuinness

    Generation #3
    Emma Jo Elizabeth Sims & Reese Ethan Sims
    1Boy- Ethan Reese Sims
    2Boy- Brice Austin Sims
    3Boy- Emmit Oscar Sims
    4Girl- Payton Ava Sims
    5Boy- Jack David Sims
    6Girl- Gracelyn Beth Sims
    7Boy- Ayden Luca Sims
    8Girl- Makenna Joanne Sims
    9Girl- Karleigh Vanessa Sims
    10Girl- Annamarie Elyse Sims
    11Girl- Giselle Alessandra Sims
    12Girl- Isla April Sims

    Parker Daniel McGuinness & Erin McKayla McGuinness
    1Girl- Camilla Jazlyn McGuinness
    2Girl- Avery McKayla Francesca McGuinness

    Henry Benjamin McGuinness & Reagan Anne McGuinness
    1Girl- Lydia Joy McGuinness
    2Girl- Santana Grace McGuinness
    3Girl- Addison Faith McGuinness
    4Girl- Skylar Hope McGuinness
    5Girl- Holly Love McGuinness
    6Boy- Grant Benjamin McGuinness
    7Boy- Ryder Henry McGuinness
    8Girl- Aurora Patience McGuinness

    Trenton Zachary McGuinness & Willow Jana McGuinness
    1Boy- Greyson Trent McGuinness

    Lily Leona Webb & Xavier Quinn Webb
    1Girl- Callie Leona Webb
    2Boy- Davis Xavier Webb

    Bailey-Grace Cooke & Sean William Cooke
    1Girl- Brynn Mackenzie Cooke
    2Girl- Juliet Grace Cooke

    Nicolas Dean McGuinness & Odessa Ruth McGuinness
    1Girl- Taylor Odessa McGuinness
    2Girl- Riley Harper McGuinness

    Charlotte June Hathaway & Leo Foster Hathaway
    1Girl- Sage Meredith Hathaway
    2Girl- Ruby Charlotte Hathaway

    Liam Oliver McGuinness & Hannah Jane McGuinness
    1Girl- Ella Francine McGuinness
    2Boy- Jonas Gregory McGuinness
    3Boy- Miles Carter McGuinness
    4Girl- Billie Anna McGuinness
    5Boy- Felix Noble McGuinness
    6Boy- Sebastian Mathias McGuinness
    7Boy- Theo Nicolai McGuinness
    8Boy- Forest Lorenzo McGuinness
    9Girl- Aria Nevaeh McGuinness
    10Girl- Piper Amity McGuinness

    Sophia Jane Whitley & Marc Elijah Whitley
    1Boy- Brooks Elijah Whitley
    2Girl- Ivy Jane Whitley
    3Boy- Abel Marc Whitley
    4Boy- Levi John Whitley
    5Boy- Ellis Paul Whitley
    6Girl- Maggie Joyce Whitley
    7Girl- Olive Sisley Whitley
    8Boy- Archer Weston Whitley
    9Boy- Hudson Ralph Whitley
    10Girl- Pippa Serena Whitley
    11Boy- Kingsley Vincent Whitley

    Tessa Lauren Guthrie & Alistair Zane Guthrie
    1Boy-Lennon Morris Guthrie
    2Girl- Audrey Ellington Guthrie
    3Boy- Rhys Elliott Guthrie
    4Girl- Maya Louise Guthrie
    5Boy- Calvin Grey Guthrie
    6Girl- Phoebe Marianne Guthrie
    7Girl- Darby Justine Guthrie
    8Girl- Adelaide Henrietta Guthrie
    9Boy- Lachlan Russell Guthrie

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    Re: Family Tree Game

    Use this 12-sided dice to play:

    Step 1: Name generation #1, the parents/grandparents.
    Grandpa: Robert Eugene Myers
    Grandma: Cynthia Renee Myers

    Step 2: Roll the dice to determine how many children are in generation #2. Then, roll the dice again for each child for the genders. Even number means girl. Odd number means boy. Name the children.
    1. David Eugene Myers
    2. Andrew Thomas Myers
    3. Bethany Grace Myers
    4. Jacob Henry Myers
    5. Lydia Michelle Myers
    6. Hannah Rachel Myers
    7. Rebekah Louise Myers

    David Eugene Myers & Anna Rose Smith Myers
    1. Jesse Matthew Myers
    2. Leah Cathryn Myers
    3. Elizabeth Rae Myers
    4. Benjamin Cole Myers
    5. Joshua David Myers
    6. Sarah Judith Myers

    Andrew Thomas Myers & Holly Miranda Weiss Myers

    1. Henry Michael Myers
    2. Bradley Thomas Myers
    3. Daniel Justin Myers
    4. Ethan Reilly Myers
    5. Julia Paige Myers
    6. Shelby Kaitlyn Myers (twin)
    7. Ruby Danielle Myers (twin)
    8. Zachary Joseph Myers
    9. Kayla Rhiannon Myers

    Bethany Grace Myers & Harold Anthony Wage

    1. Hayden Charles Wage
    2. Ian Richard Wage
    3. Jonathan Carter Wage
    4. Natalie Ruth Wage
    5. Lucy Rebecca Wage
    6. Devin Parker Wage
    7. Ryan Phillip Wage
    8. Shannon Alexavier Wage

    Jacob Henry Myers & Emily Grace Hobart

    1. Ella Jordan Myers
    2. Evan George Myers
    3. Kylee Janice Myers
    4. Krystal Josephine Myers
    5. Jason Frederick Myers
    6. Jessica Renee Myers

    Lydia Michelle Myers & Wendy Antoinette Phelps
    1. Douglas William
    2. Eileen Marie
    3. Samuel Jackson
    4. Shane Taylor
    5. Katie Roseanne
    6. Isaac Nathaniel

    Hannah Rachel Myers & Jeffrey Davis Lopez
    1. Jared Colin Lopez
    2. Faith Olivia Lopez
    3. Elliott Noah Lopez
    4. Nicole Arianna Lopez
    5. Jasper Theron Lopez
    6. Wren Tiffany Lopez

    Rebekah Louise Myers & John Christian Wells

    1. Robert Stephen Drew Wells

    Step 3: Roll the dice again for each child in generation #2 for how many children he/she and his/her spouse have (you can choose which ones reproduce). Then, roll the dice for each grandchild for the genders. Even numbers means a girl. Odd number means a boy. Name the grandchildren.

    This is my first baby name game EVER! Hope you like it!

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