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    The new look Nameberry

    It was a real surprise this morning to wake up to a new Nameberry. She looks very pretty in her new colours. However, I think that the font on the home page that is not in bold should be and the section that refers to the message boards should be headed up with a title something like Nameberry Community Message Boards so that it is easily found. If I had not been a seasoned nameberryite I would have been foundering trying to work out where the message centre for Nameberry was hiding.
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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    I love it. Now to wait for all the bugs to be fixed. Lol.
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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    I like the feature that shows which names are being searched the most on a certain day, and also the chart showing how popular a name has been in the U.S. over time. However, the make-over is very confusing, and I think I would be a lot happier with the old lay-out. Also, the colors and designs of the new look aren't very engaging; there aren't a lot of bright, warm colors anymore.

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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    Woah! This is crazy! I haven't looked around yet, but so far I like it! It's so fresh!
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    Re: The new look Nameberry

    Thanks, everybody! Obviously, we've been working on this for a while in secret but it's been in our wizard Hugh's hands and so even Linda and I didn't know we were relaunching today! We're working on smoothing out final bugs (can you smoothe a bug? well, zapping them) so please do let us know what you find that isn't working or is confusing....
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