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    Re: Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    Yep, I am also waiting until the SS list comes out in May before making Vivienne our final decision!

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    Re: Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    I plan to use Vivian as well (if baby is a girl).

    I don't think it will break the top 50. At least I hope not.

    How do you find out when the SS list comes out?

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    flick Guest

    Re: Vivienne/Vivian becoming too popular??

    Well, Vivian went from being 281 in 1999 to 164 in 2009. Its definitely climbing, but its not a huge climb. I think it's going to be like Lydia and Audrey - popular to an extend, kind of hovering between the top 120 and top 50, but never getting super popular.

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    Sorry to revive such an old thread, but I'm also in this boat. It doesn't look like it'll break the top 100 (at least it didn't this year, which is my main criteria), but that could change.

    My main question now is one of spellings. Vivienne or Vivien?

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    I absolutely think it is going to rise in popularity, especially in the South.. Just in the church I attend, in the past year there have been three baby girls born and named Vivian....
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