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    The new NerdFighter baby

    John Green of Vlogbrothers on YouTube has a newborn daughter, Alice, that joins his son, Henry. The pair is a little bit Nameberry expected, but I LOVE the sibset. Alice and Henry are the epitome of vintage cute! What do you guys think?

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    I love it. I knew John's baby would be well-named either way, but still... I do prefer Alice.

    It's worth mentioning that John Green is an author as well.

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    Henry & Alice are totally adorable names and a perfect sibset I love both Eleanor and Alice but I too prefer Alice esp. with Henry
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    Gosh I had no idea John Green even had kids! Pleasantly surprised, but then when I think about it, not really surprised at all. He's John Green, he's awesome. I agree that it's definitely worth mentioning that he's an author, probably even more so than him being a Vlogbrother
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