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    I love the name Rose, a lot of people see it as a filler middle name. Sometimes it seems like it, but people don't really realize how truly pretty the name is. I never realized always either.
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    My middle name is pretty standard, but it's a family name. I like that there is a connection to my family.

    I think we should redefine what a filler middle name is. To me a filler middle name, is one that the parent's picked, because it sounds good and no other reason.
    I am always a little weirded out by people who ask on nameberry, "Suggest middle names we don't care what as long as they sound good."

    I look at this wonder "Don't you have any family you want to honor? A book with characters you love? A movie you can quote or a television show that follow? A month of the year that's your favorite. A name you would like to use, but are passing on for some reason. A flower or nature element? A religious interest? Some interest that inspires you?"

    That being said I know a lot of people who have the middle names Marie and Ann, but then there's usually a Marie or Mary or Ann in the family. In my family it's also common to put maiden names (mother, grandmother, etc.) or family surnames in the middle.

    I like a more average middle name with an unusual first name.
    Good Luck!

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    Some of my favorite one syllable names include:


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    My middle name is the same as my mum's middle, it was passed down and though it's not your typical Jane/Anne type filler it's still a one syllable name I've seen touted as "filler" on other posts. My sister's middle was picked for it's meaning of "friend or companion", as in, being a friend for her older sister. It's something I've always thought quite sweet on my parents' part, actually. My other sister has a filler middle and as far as I know there's no story or reason behind it. I guess by getting to the third daughter they'd run out of meaningful middle name ideas, or just thought she'd be a boy

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    I personally don't like my name, but the combo my parents made flows right off the tongue. My middle name is Rebecca, which isn't 'filler', and it simply is gorgeous my full name. It honors my aunt, and offsets the two syllable first and last name.

    I don't mind 'filler's, as long as the first name isn't in the top 50ish. I hear about a ton of Sophia Graces and Ava Roses. And, I know more girls who have a legit filler name (their parents just picked it to make it flow well) that's either Marie or Elizabeth than Ann or Jane.

    I wonder if that many people have relatives named Marie. Perhaps they had a Mary, and I see it as a huge wasted opportunity. Why go for Marie, one of the most common middles that goes with EVERYTHING, when you could go for Molly or Maisie, Mitzi or Mara, Miriam or Mariel? And same thing with Elizabeth: why not go for Elise or Betsy, Elsie or Libby?

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