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    It's cool to have a middle name with meaning, particularly if it's a name you love for various reasons but wouldn't give as a first name (Gatsby comes to mind from the recent literary debates), but I personally don't have a problem with filler middle names. Sometimes it just sounds pretty, and that's okay.
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    I guess Anne, Lynn & Marie are the middles of my generation. I think Rose & Kate were the more 'cutting edge' middles that my mom found old-sounding, but I know a lot of girls with those middles as well.

    All of those names could be significant to the parents of a girl today, therefore making them not filler but the oh-so-2013 meaningful middle. I feel like every baby I meet today gets a middle to honor someone, or a word name with a special story, mom's maiden or the name of the street the parents met on. I think the "middle-with-a-story" will be this generation's "filler middle chosen for flow". I think that desire for a story & for originality will make it less likely that a certain middle will define this generation. I do think that out-there choices that namers are too shy to use will pop up in that 'anything goes' middle spot.

    Here are some ideas

    Lynn= Wynn
    Sue= Rue
    Anne= Lane
    Kate= Kai
    Ray= Faye or Bay



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    I am Ebony Anne a sister to Adele Louise and Isaac James.
    Those are all fillers right?
    Well no only Louise is but it just happens to be my aunts and cousins middle name though this was not intentional they just thought it sounded nice.
    My middle name is after my great grandma Annie, my grandma Isobel Anne Mary Margaret and my mum Elspeth Anne and I plan on continuing the tradition aswell
    My brothers middle name is after my dad Darren James.
    I posted about this on my blog here Anna replied with this which explains it really well
    I have to admit I get annoyed by baby name folk who claim that Marie is a filler name, while Lark or Rain isn’t. If Marie is in honour of her grandmother, how is that less meaningful than some random vocabulary word? Of course, if your baby was born on a rainy day, or just as a lark flew overhead or something, then it’s equally as meaningful as Marie – but not MORE meaningful.
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    I feel very frustrated whenever someone comments on my use of Rose in the middle spot- for me, it has family ties. I'm afraid Pearl will become a filler middle, which is why I worry about my number two combo, Seraphina Pearl. I like one syllable middles, but mostly because all of my favorite first nes are three syllables. Genevieve Claire is top on my list, then Seraphina Pearl, Juliette Dove, Imogen Cordelia, Naomi Wren and Sophronia Bay. The only one that doesn't have a 1 syllable middle is Imogen Cordelia, and I think the others might be fillers.
    My boys list is different; there the top names are Benjamin Raphael, Joshua Cael, and Sebastian Elliott. IMO, the only true fillers are when a name is there without significance, and it is a popular 1 syllable middle name. The only exception for me is Marie, but I think names like Elizabeth and Catherine are being used as fillers because they are classic and fit with most names.
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    Personally, I don't think middle names need to be short. If Brits can have two middles, why can't more people use 2+ syllables for their child's one middle? My middle name is Beth, which has family significance but still feels very much like filler. I wish it were something more interesting.

    My entire family has boring middles with the exception of my dad, whose middle name is Roderick. I asked my grandmother where she got it and she told me she liked it because it was the name of an attractive soap opera star.
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