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    All Girls English Class

    This game is pretty simple. There are 30 girls in your class. Out of the names in the namebank, you give each of the girls a first name and a middle name. All of the names in the same namebsnk have a particular theme, I wonder if you can guess what they are!

    ALEXANDER, Chloe, Celine, Tiffany, Zara, Chanel
    BROOKE, Emily, Elizabeth, Erin, Elise, Emma
    COWAN, Megan, Emily, Georgina, Ashleigh, Natalie
    D'ANGELO, Jessica, Jodie, Jemma, Jordan, Josephine
    EVANS, Sophie, Matilda, Lavender, Charlie, Violet
    FISHER, Lauren, Joanna, Charlotte, Briana, Antonia
    GILBERT, Hannah, Harriet, Hollie, Hayley, Hazel
    HARPER, Olivia, Juliet, Portia, Imogen, Miranda
    HUMPHRIES, Lucy, Sunshine, Jyoti, Eliora, Keiko
    ISAACS, Ellie, Ariana, Katy, Taylor, Adele
    JOHNSTON, Amy, Eve, Ana, Tia, Zoe
    KERRY, Katie, Kayleigh, Kira, Kenya, Kirsten
    LEE, Georgia, Alaska, Dakota, Nevada, Carolina
    LYNCH, Rebecca, Faye, Aisling, Eva, Layla
    MARKS, Molly, Mandy, Milly, Maisy, Maddy
    MORGAN, Bethany, Eliana, Hannah, Naomi, Sarah
    NICHOLLS, Emma, Isabella, Sofie, Ida, Freja
    O'NEILL, Holly, Daisy, Poppy, Acacia, Tulip
    PHILLIPS, Ella, Kate, Dora, Tessa, Connie
    QUINN, Caitlin, Aoife, Roisin, Maeve, Siobhan
    ROWE, Abigail, Esther, Mary, Tabitha, Julia
    SEFTON, Grace, Hope, Constance, Faith, Verity
    SMITH, Jade, Crystal, Ruby, Amethyst, Emerald
    TAYLOR, Mia, Anna, Pippa, Freya, Laura
    UPTON, Shannon, Susannah, Stephanie, Sophia, Sarah
    VAN HOUTEN, Eleanor, Maxine, Louise, Camille, Madeleine
    WELLS, Alice, Emily, Isabella, Olive, Ursula
    XU, Jasmine, Aurora, Belle, Mulan, Cinderella
    YEOMANS, Courtney, Marie, Darcy, Isabelle, Margaux
    ZHANG, Leah, Lynn, Lola, Lili, Lana

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