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    Insane Girl Names?

    I've been testing my new favorite name combos on my friends and family, and they're reactions have lead me to believe that I will be cursing any child I name. Not that I'm naming children any time soon.
    But I'm one of those wierd people who like to write and have name lists, and when I share I don't want people to get that look on their face like I suggested they lick my dog or something. Are these names crazy?! (I'm beginging to think not, but then again what do I know?)

    1) Temperance Delilah nn. Tempy
    2) Katherine Aveline nn. Kady
    3) Isadora Daisy nn. Izzy
    4) Viola Juanita nn. ?
    5) Magdalen Josephine nn. Maggie
    6) Tatiana Helene (Helen pronoucned Hel-Ayne) nn. Anni (Ah-nee)
    7) Melanie Pearl nn. Melly
    8) Tuilelaith Carolina nn. Talullah
    9) Olive Nell nn. Livvy
    10) Genevive Flo nn. Gigi

    What do you consider insane names? Do you consider these insane?

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    Re: Insane Girl Names?

    The only one I would really advise you don't use would be Tuilelaith. It would be a pain in the ass for a kid to have . The others are quite big and frilly, but I wouldn't say insane. Temperence, while not my style, has started to become quite recognisable and acceptable due to the character from bones. Katherine is pretty mainstream. Isadora is frilly, but pretty and not unrecognisable. Viola I think is perfectly fine. Vi would be my instinctual nn choice. Magdalen is recognisable and quite pretty, though I would rather Magdalene. Tatiana is gorgeous. My top name is Satyana, so I definitely support Tatiana's usability. Melanie seems like an odd choice to me. I find it overused and dated (not the good kind of dated). Olive is such a little sweetie. Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen have helped that along. Genevieve, like Katherine, bores me, but there's nothing wrong or insane about it.

    Anyway, I hope that helps you some what. Overall I think your names are perfectly fine, but not really my personal style.
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    Re: Insane Girl Names?

    No, these aren't crazy for the most part. Katherine Aveline is my favorite! Lovely : D. Isadora Daisy is interesting - here's a case where to me, contrast between serious and silly works, but maybe that's what's throwing your friends off? Isadora Rose might be similar but a better balance.

    I echo that Tuilelaith is too much. Tallulah Carolina, Tallulah Caroline, Carolina Tallulah, and Caroline Tallulah are all lovely, and Caroline Tallulah is most on-trend and nice for having different endings.

    I also agree Melanie is a bit dated. Delaney might be an update, and I really like Delaney Pearl. Rosemary Pearl is another faintly similar combo I love.

    Olive Nell feels like slightly not that much name, and I might prefer Olive Eleanor or Olive Lionella, but it's not a huge problem. Oliva (oh-LEEV-a) is also a nice way to get more sound without being super popular Olivia if you want to avoid that, though I can understand concerns that it might just be assumed to be Olivia. Still, Oliva Nell is really cute.

    Genevieve Flo feels really abrupt in flow (ha!), but Genevieve Florence is lovely!

    Viola Juanita - Juanita is a little dated to me. Viola Johanna? Violet Johanna would be most on-trend, if you like.

    But still, these are more about combo problems than the names themselves - if you present just the first names to your friends, how do they react? Because the middle name honestly is so rarely used that while it's nice if it's a great fit, it's less essential than the first name, and if those middles are precious to you, keep them!

    This difficulty to the most extreme degree is clear in Temperance Delilah, which is the only one besides Tuilelaith I have a bad reaction to. I had no idea Temperance was becoming more familiar - I just think the Temperance movement of the 1920s is an odd thing to have an association with, Tempy is a really odd nickname (like a temp agency?), and I see all sorts of temper/temperature jokes! But even with all that, Temperance could be OK.

    It's just the combination of really good-girl Temperance with middle name Delilah, one of the ultimate Biblical bad girls, is very grating to me. Maybe that contrast is what you like!

    But to me it's way too much in one name, like Chastity Electra or Prudence Jezebel. Would you use those? I think a little girl would feel rather confused upon learning the meanings of her names! Either name is OK enough on its own, but I would think long and hard before combining them.

    Temperance Lila or Temperance Delaney is similar without being loaded (and Lila Temperance or Delaney Temperance is a very useable/wearable name). Or, maybe a name that sounds a little like Temperance without being a virtue or Biblical good girl name - Tamsin Delilah comes to mind.

    All best!

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    Re: Insane Girl Names?

    Those names are not insane at all! My daughters name was supposed to be Felicity Aria Elspeth, so I can definitely get on board with over the top frills. The only one I see not working in real life is Tuilelaith, but that's why we have GP lists.

    The only names I deem "insane" are the misspelled, masculine debauchery that seems to be so dang popular. I saw a name on a drawing done by a little girl at a restaurant yesterday - Tyhler. Now that's insane. (I know it was a girl because it was in the section for girls)

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