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    Nyx' This or That - twin combos

    Just a fun little game where you pick the twin combo that you prefer. I will keep at least one name the same (in spelling or by variant) in both combos. If you feel up to it, feel free to comment on what gave one combo the edge over the other

    Boy / Boy combos

    Byron & Baron OR Byron & Chaucer

    Orion & Phoenix OR Onyx & Phoenix

    Malachy & Mathias OR Christopher & Matthew

    August & Emmett OR Emmett & Henry

    Sebastian & Felix OR Sebastian & Dashiell

    Boy / Girl combos

    Beau & Coralie OR Tate & Coralie

    Jasper & Violetta OR Jasper & Isabella

    Sam & Lou OR Sam & Amy

    Ezra & Ophelia OR Ezra & Zoe

    Finn & Eva OR Oliver & Eva

    Girl / Girl combos

    Charlotte & Amelia OR Adelaide & Amelia

    Fiona & Isla OR Fiona & Ciara

    Avery & Riley OR Rowan & Riley

    Lily & Layla OR Lily & Susannah

    Claire & Louise OR Claire & Chloe

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    Re: Nyx' This or That - twin combos

    Boy / Boy combos

    Byron & Chaucer - Byron and Baron are too close

    Orion & Phoenix - I don't like the identical ending in Onyx and Phoenix combo, plus, I quite like Orion!

    Malachy & Mathias - not a fan of Christopher or Matthew

    August & Emmett - tough one! I choose the August combo, because I love the nn Gus! I would, however, like August and Henry even more.

    Sebastian & Dashiell - another tough one. Although I prefer Felix to Dashiell, I think that the latter goes better with Sebastian as a twin.

    Boy / Girl combos

    Beau & Coralie - I don't like either, but Beau sounds nicer with Coralie.

    Jasper & Violetta - I don't like Isabella (I really like Jasper!)

    Sam & Lou - I love Lou! Maybe more as a nickname, but it's fine on its own.

    Ezra & Zoe - love the funky sound of this sibset!

    Finn & Eva - I don't like Oliver, Finn and Eva - beyond cute!

    Girl / Girl combos

    Adelaide & Amelia - Charlotte is, hm... too obvious with Amelia (don't know why, just personal opinion)

    Fiona & Ciara - I like that they're both Irish

    Rowan & Riley - I strongly prefer Rowan for a girl

    Lily & Susannah - they meaning is the same but not too obviously - I kind of like that

    Claire & Louise - definitely! Louise is gorgeous and I love Lou!

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    Byron & Chaucer- Other's are too close

    Orion & Phoenix- The others both end in x, they're too close

    Christopher & Matthew- Tough....I kinda liked both

    Emmett & Henry- I don't really like august

    Sebastian & Felix- Not totally a fan of either but I don't like Dashiell

    Coralie & Tate- I love Tate!

    Jasper & Isabella- Isabella is so cute & girly

    Sam & Amy- I prefer Samuel, Im not a big fan of Lou for a fn

    Ezra & Zoe- Ophelia is a little weird

    Oliver & Eva- Oliver is cute!

    Charlotte & Amelia- I like Charlotte

    Fiona & Ciara- Isla and Fiona are a little matchy

    Avery and Riley- I like Rowan as a boy name better

    Lily and Layla- Cute!

    Claire and Chloe- Im all about same first letter!
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    Boy / Boy combos

    Byron & Chaucer - Similar style, but NOT similar sound.

    Orion & Phoenix - I can't stand Onyx, and together there would be too many x's.

    Christopher & Matthew - I really don't love Christopher, but even though it's popular, Matthew has a special place in my heart.

    August & Emmett - I LOVE August! Even though Henry "matches" better.

    Sebastian & Felix - Love both these names!! I also love Dashiell, but it's too similar to Sebastian.

    Boy / Girl combos

    Beau & Coralie - I can't stand Tate on a boy.

    Jasper & Violetta - Both names are quite lovely, and share a tone of beautiful darkness.

    Sam & Lou - Although I don't love Lou, it makes Sam sound more fresh.

    Ezra & Ophelia - I love both names here. Nice combo.

    Finn & Eva - Ugh, I hate Oliver. Finn pairs much more nicely with Eva-- too many V's is a disaster! (My name is Eva BTW)

    Girl / Girl combos

    Charlotte & Amelia - I love Adelaide, but it just doesn't go with Amelia. Charlotte's okay, and I don't like Amelia, but together they are quite a stunning combo.

    Fiona & Isla - I don't love Ciara (prn. like Keira), but I love Fiona!! Isla is trendy, but matches well.

    Avery & Riley - Avery is cute and Riley is cute, but Rowan sounds much more grown-up. I don't love any of these names.

    Lily & Susannah - Susannah is lovely, and pairs quite well with Lily.

    Claire & Louise - I love Louise! The classic Claire accents it beautifully. Chloe & Claire are trendy-sounding and too matchy.
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    Boy / Boy combos

    Byron & Chaucer -- Byron & Baron are too close

    Orion & Phoenix -- Onyx is a Pokemon

    Christopher & Matthew -- I dont like Malachy

    Emmett & Henry -- I despise August as a name

    Sebastian & Dashiell -- Felix reminds me of the cat

    Boy / Girl combos

    Beau & Coralie -- This was tough. I liked both names

    Jasper & Isabella -- Though it is very Twilight, I prefer Isabella to Violetta

    Sam & Amy -- Lou is too masculine for a girl

    Ezra & Zoe -- I hate Ophelia

    Oliver & Eva -- Finn reminds me of a fish

    Girl / Girl combos

    Charlotte & Amelia -- Charlotte is beautiful

    Fiona & Isla -- I love Isla

    Rowan & Riley -- I prefer Avery on a boy

    Lily & Layla -- precious names!

    Claire & Chloe -- I dont like the similar sound, but they are cute

    Sorry for being so negative!
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