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    POLL: Spelling of Zoe(y)????

    Hey, you guys. I'm kind of liking the name Zoe(y). I've noticed that a lot of people spell it Zoe. I like the spelling Zoey. WDYT? Zoe or Zoey? What would you immediately think to spell the name? (pronounced Zo-ee). I've seen Zoe a lot more lately. Also, do you think the name is too popular? Would you use it? I probably wouldn't use it but still, I like it.
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    Re: POLL: Spelling of Zoe(y)????

    Zoe, 1000%. Zoey looks childish and misspelled to me, plus Zoe is more common. It's a Greek name, and generally Greek names, when transcribed into English, never have an unvoiced letter (Penelope, Ariadne, Antigone, etc.) so to spell it Zoey is to use a bad translation. Don't change the spelling!

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    Re: POLL: Spelling of Zoe(y)????

    Ditto Daisy 1000%! Zoe, all the way!
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    Re: POLL: Spelling of Zoe(y)????

    I voted for Zoe because it is the more traditional spelling and the more common spelling (less chance you daughter will have to correct people when they spell it) Plus, when I look at Zoey all I see is Joey! :lol: Zoe is #47 in the US and Zoey is #75. Both are safely in the Top 100 so either spelling is acceptable.
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    Re: POLL: Spelling of Zoe(y)????

    Wholeheartedly agree. This name is familiar enough now that most people will know to pronounce the e. If anyone does say Zo, it's quickly correctable, and Zo is a nickname for Zoe so it's not even so bad.

    I've also seen this with the two dots over the e, especially in French, maybe, and it's pretty but of course that will be impossible : D. It looks really pretty though and if I had a daughter I might teach her about it just so she knows (it shows up every so often in some spellings of words like naive and cooperation, so it's a good reading skill to "get").

    Zoey really does look like Joey, I agree. And it's so interesting that I don't think people have been doing this with Chloe, you know? I can't imagine a Chloey at all. I far prefer Zoe over Zoey, but Zoey is better than Chloey!

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