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    Name your own zombie survival group

    I'll give you common tropes and a list of names to pick from for each! Each name can be for a girl or a boy.

    Leader(can be male or female) FN: A unisex name MN: a name related to rulers or kings and queens

    First one to die FN: from Harry Potter MN: A name related to the ocean your pick last name.

    Perpetual child: first name is a gemstone and MN: is a spiritual name last name your pick.

    The fighter FN: a name meaning strong MN: a plant name

    The bad guy/girl: FN: a name from Shakespeare MN: a name from the Bible

    The person who started out weak but became strong: FN: A name from Greek mythology MN: a classic name.

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    Jan 2016
    Leader: Avery Charles
    First one to die: Luna Mariana
    Perpetual child: Onyx Christian
    The fighter: Kenzo Cedar
    The bad girl: Portia Ruth
    The person who started out weak but became strong: Hestia Jane
    Christine Eudora - Adelaide May - Lula Rowan - Emmeline Rose - Felcity Iris
    Juniper Hazel - Sophie Clarisse - Mabel Anneliese - Amelia Piper - Lyla Winter

    Nico Harrison - Milo Caspian - Avery Jonas - Theodore Kingston - Arthur Elton
    Emerson Gray - River Ellis - Everett Madden - Perseus Lincoln - August Reuel

    Owen - Sterling - Parker - Dallas - Indiana / Isolde - Opal - Charmian - Ellie - Peyton

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    May 2017
    Leader: Ryan Theodore

    First one to die: Oliver Finn

    Perpetual child: Ruby Angelica

    The fighter: Leena Ivy

    The bad guy/girl: Gregory Aaron

    The person who started out weak but became strong: FN: Penelope Anne

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    May 2017
    Leader: Ellis Matilda

    First one to die: Justin Dylan

    Perpetual child: Jasper Christian

    The fighter: Millicent Ivy

    The bad guy/girl: Olivia Susannah

    The person who started out weak but became strong: Persephone Jane
    Livia: queer, feminist, student

    Arlo Thomas | Beaumont Evander | Ezra Sebastien | Patrick Fitzwilliam
    Jane Persephone | Lauren Eliza | Rosamund Amelia | Susannah Margot

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    Feb 2016
    Leader: Kit Regina

    First one to die: Cedric Fisher

    Perpetual child: Jasper Bodhi

    The fighter: Valencia Rose

    The bad guy: Horatio Paul

    The person who started out weak but became strong: Athena Catherine
    Britta | Name Addict

    Stella Meredith | Luna Colette | Kit Harlow | Brie Lily
    Evie Faith | Eden Juliet | Cressida Faye

    Miles Holland | Jack Roman | Rhett Lowell | Tristan James
    Wyatt Ramsay | Westley Shepherd | Will Emrys

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