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    Larkin for a girl's name?

    Hello, I know Larkin is generally a male name, and a surname, But I love it for a little girl’s first name. It’s my second choice . Anouk being my first. Surprisingly I have gotten a positive response on Larkin from some people I know ( especially when i say “yeah like a songbird”), much moreso than Anouk.
    I am wondering what people think of it as a girls name. I do think is needs a strong feminine name in the middle spot. ( and perhaps more common)
    I am tossing around these combinations

    Larkin Freya Karina
    Larkin Karina
    Larkin Eliza
    Larkin Charlotte (Lotte)
    Larkin Roisin
    I love Alouette but considering it means Lark that would be overkill.

    And then my top choice Anouk- I am finding it a challenge to find a middle that flows well with Anouk.

    Anouk Elodie
    Anouk Saskia
    Anouk Emilia
    Anouk Henrietta
    Anouk Lilac
    Anouk Darcy
    Anouk Colette
    Anouk Freya Linnea
    Anouk Alouette

    I suppose you can tell the style of names I like based on the middle name variations. Thanks for any thoughts.

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    Re: Larkin for a girl's name?

    When I think of Larkin, I always think of Irish trade union leader and social activist James Larkin. I saw his statue on O'Connell Street in Dublin when I visited a couple of years ago. There was also a British TV series "The Darling Buds of May" which had Ma & Pa Larkin and their family. Do you have these associations too or do you just like the sound of it? I don't mind the name myself but I do agree that it needs a more soft and feminine in the middle spot. I know of only one Anouk and that is exotic French actress Anouk Aimee. The name has a continental appeal. I like Anouk Elodie, Anouk Saskia and Anouk Emilia from you list. Here are some middle names for Larkin. All the best!
    Larkin Genevieve
    Larkin Eloise
    Larkin Cecily / Larkin Cecilia
    Larkin Briony
    Larkin Juliet
    Larkin Josephine
    Larkin Matilda
    Larkin Aurelia
    Larkin Junia
    Larkin Felicity
    Larkin Violet
    Larkin Susannah
    Larkin Aurora
    Larkin Clementine
    Larkin Viola
    Larkin Calliope
    Larkin Sonja
    Larkin Magdalena
    Larkin Rosalie
    All the best,

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    Re: Larkin for a girl's name?

    Hmm no I had never heard of those associations you mentioned. I really just like the sound of Larkin, and I only really thought of it as a surname. But Hmm now it makes me think twice. I really like Clementine, Briony and Matilda from your list of middles. Thanks!

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    Re: Larkin for a girl's name?

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    Re: Larkin for a girl's name?

    Yes Larkin Aurelia has a nice flow. I really like the names Miette and Mirabel too. Thanks. I love the name Maya but it would rhyme with the last name so that is out.

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