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    Re: Still searching! Need a name for Ellodie’s sister

    What about Isla - that's my little girls name and I love Elodie, so thought we may have similar tastes.

    Or Ashlin, Cliona, Claudia, Nieve, Audrey?

    I'm expecting a baby in November. If it's a girl I'm thinking: Imogen, Beth, Madeline... but not sure if they are as special as Isla.

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    Re: Still searching! Need a name for Ellodie’s sister

    I know a little Elodie (Claire), who's big sister is Soleil (Lisette). I think Elodie and Soleil are GORGEOUS together, if you like it. I also really like Juliette off of your list.
    Good luck!
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    Re: Still searching! Need a name for Ellodie’s sister

    Hi let me think of a few names for Ellodie's sister,

    Melia this is a sweet name that works really well with Ellodie.

    Celeste not heard often but while it has a heavenly meaning it is also grounded and not over the top.
    Camille or Camilla a very feminine and flowing name that blends beautifully
    Gabrielle always pretty
    Oceane an unusual but ever so pretty

    Celeste Evangeline
    Camilla Violet
    Camilla Faith
    Gabrielle Victoria
    Gabrielle Sophia
    Oceane Josephine
    Mahalia Jane
    Mahalia Joy
    Melisande June
    Anneliese Matilda
    Annabel Iris
    Annabel Maria (Biblical Mary)
    Verity Jane - verity = truth

    Hope that this helps.

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    Re: Still searching! Need a name for Ellodie’s sister

    Thank you all so much! There are some really fabulous suggestions here. I just need to get buy in from my husband. It was so easy to name our first daughter, I think we just never really thought we would have a second girl. It is almost embarrassing how much time I have spent researching names and your input and suggestions mean a lot to me. I will definitely post again when we make a decision.

    Erem: Your list is fantastic and will take us some time to play with some of those suggestions

    Amac119: I love Isla. Do you pronounce it Eye-la or EEE-La? Have people had trouble pronouncing her name correctly? I think the name is so beautiful, but my husband is concerned that we would always be correcting people on the pronunciation (and I have always loved audrey, I really don’t know why my husband won’t come around on that one)

    name-obsession: Soleil Lisette is lovely, another great one to run by the husband

    Rollo: Melia would sound very nice with our last name, and I LOVE Oceane, I will definitely get my husband to look at your list…there are so many names that I find appealing, but without his buy in, it just doesn’t feel right.

    Other names I have been thinking of lately and would like opinions on:
    and I still love Juliette

    I just don’t want to arrive at the hospital without a name and then regret whatever I settle on. My fear is that I will find the name I should have named her when she is about 3 months old and want to change it and I know that won’t really be an option.

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    Re: Still searching! Need a name for Ellodie’s sister

    We pronounce Isla's name EYE-la, you do get the odd IS-la or even Ilsa... people not reading name properly on the Ilsa one! But not as often as I thought people would mispronounce. I think actress Isla Fisher becoming more popular has helped people recognise the name.

    Lila is pretty. I met a lady called Lilia the other day, thought that was beautiful! And I've added Adele to my list of favourites! Adele and Ellodie also works.

    Good luck with the decision! I'm sure you will make the right decision for your little girl when it comes to it, in a few months when she is here you will think no other name would have suited her.

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