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    my fam hates my top 2! will u go thru my new list please??

    i love Annabel but sister says she HATES it cuz it sounds like a cow and ppl will call her mom says she loathes Daphne..oh and they dont like Lorelei because its the name of a neighborhood street back home..sigh..theyre really pushing Phoebe on me and i love it but its my husbands cousins name so it would be weird..if i cant anything else i will most likely use Annabel but i'd really like to come up w/someting thats sweet, quirky and fun..not too Violet..anywho heres my new list..wdyt..oh did i mention i found out it was a girl for sure yesterday?

    Adeline nn Addy (i dont mind the A initials at this point..just want a name i love)
    Eveline or Evelina nn Evie
    Susannah nn Susie
    Vote for Scarlett Mahealani as Gerber Baby 2012! Help my berry win a college scholarship C: Voting begins Sept 4th!

    Here's the link to vote, I'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

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