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    Alliteration (Is this combo really bad?)

    So we just found out we are having a GIRL! We are really excited but havenít had any luck agreeing on names. He suggested Sadie the other night and at first I said no because our last name is Swavely. But the more I think about Sadie the more I love it.

    Is Sadie Swavely really bad? Her middle name will be Lorraine and I think that breaks it up a bit and its sounds nice Sadie Lorraine Swavely but I know she wonít always be using the full name, most of the time it will be Sadie Swavely.

    Also, I worried that Sadie is too cutesy and more of a nickname. What do you think? The longer names I have thought of to use Sadie as a nickname for are Mercedes (which I donít like) and Sarah (already used in the family). I really just like Sadie.

    I would love to hear your opinions on the combo!

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    Re: Alliteration (Is this combo really bad?)

    I personally like alliteration. Sadie Swavley sounds fine to me. I dont think Sadie is too nick namey at all. Every Sadie I was heard of is just Sadie, not Sarah. I dont think most people, apart from name nerds, even know that Sadie is a nn for Sarah.
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    Re: Alliteration (Is this combo really bad?)

    If I'm pronouncing your last name correctly, Sadie and Swavely kind of rhyme. (Is it Swavely like wave or swavely like suave?) If they do, I probably wouldn't use it. The fact that they start with the same letter is almost too much for me, but I don't really like alliteration. However, that is just me! I think people would remember her name more easily and alliteration can be darling. If you love the name, I wouldn't hesitate to use it. If you want a more formal name with the nn Sadie (although you don't have to), almost anything that starts with an S, has "sa" in it or has s, a and d, can have that nn. (Some people will disagree with me, but it's just a nn- it can be anything you want. I call my Grace Patricia, CeCe sometimes.)

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    Good luck and I hope this helps!
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    Re: Alliteration (Is this combo really bad?)

    I'm usually a big fan of alliteration, but Sadie Swavely does seem a little rhymey to my ears. However, if it's THE name, then I don't think it's too bad. I think that Sadie can stand on its own - IMO it's no more cutesy than Miley, Kaylee, etc.

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    Re: Alliteration (Is this combo really bad?)

    I think Sadie is a very nice name on its own, and in general I am a fan of alliteration BUT I think Sadie Swavely rhymes a little too much for me. For example, Scarlett Swavely, Sandra Swavely, Samantha Swavely or Saskia Swavely all have alliteration but don't have the same rhyming problem as Sadie Swavely.

    That being said, I agree with a previous poster that if it is THE name I would go for it. To me it's much better than Peter Peters etc (I have actually met a Peter Peters and I think they are more common than we know! :lol: )
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