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    Re: 3 middle name options....

    I choose Rose Evangeline - beautiful with Violet Genevieve! Here are a few others that came to mind:

    Rose Adeline
    Rose Adelaide
    Rose Cordelia

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    Re: 3 middle name options....

    I really dislike Rose Liliana because it sounds way too floral-bouquet too me.

    Rose Evangeline is very nice, but I'm not sure that I like it alongside Violet Genevieve since Evangeline and Genevieve share so many of the same sounds. Basically, although Rose Evangeline would be my top choice in isolation, I find the two combos to be too repetitive together.

    Of your choices, I think Rose Susannah works the best. However, I'm not fully sold on this one, either. There is a sort of hissing sound to this name when you say it aloud.

    Other ideas:

    Rose Victoria
    Rose Hermione
    Rose Lavinia
    Rose Aurelia
    Rose Felicity
    Rose Cordelia
    Rose Miriam
    Rose Penelope
    Rose Imelda
    Rose Antonia
    Rose Viviana
    Rose Zinovia
    Rose Serilda
    Rose Augusta
    Rose Helena
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    Re: 3 middle name options....

    Violet Genevieve and Rose Evangeline is my fave from your list followed by Rose Susannah. I like the fact that Violet and Rose would both have "v"'s in their middle names. Great pairings!
    All the best,

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