View Poll Results: Choose 4 sisters for Tess and Kaia

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  • Ivy Junia Elisabeth

    11 12.79%
  • Lucy Genevieve Grace

    13 15.12%
  • Georgia Violet Jane

    7 8.14%
  • Phoebe Juliet Claire

    17 19.77%
  • Eve Amelia Charlotte

    15 17.44%
  • Cecily Annika Jewel

    6 6.98%
  • Grace Evangeline Belle

    9 10.47%
  • Calla Josephine Rose

    3 3.49%
  • Harper Adelaide Tabitha

    5 5.81%
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    POLL: Create a sister set

    Make a sister set for Tess McKayla Sydney and Kaia Felicity Pearl! I love all of these names, most hold special family names and meanings, which makes it harder to narrow down. We don't mind similar sibling names whether it be same sound, letter or ending.
    Make sure you tell me your sister set so I know what you're voting for!
    Thanks, Berries
    SAHM to Tess, Kaia and Jasper
    Hopeful for Penelope and Emmett someday
    "The earth, O Lord, is full of your mercy: teach me your laws" Psalm 119:64

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