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    Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    Haven't found out sex of baby yet, but if it's a girl, will probably go with Vivian Iris.

    However, I recently learned that Vivian was originally a MALE name. Hmmm. Is this still true today?

    Normally, I'm not a huge fan of boys names on girls...or even unisex names. But apparently I've chosen one.

    SO....Is Vivian the same as those go-either-way names like Jayden, Skylar, Riley, Shannon, Kennedy etc?

    Can you imagine meeting a little boy named Vivian?

    For the record, I don't like the French spelling Vivienne, so that is not an option for me.

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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    I voted that Vivian could go either way because I think that it can in some parts of the world, but in the US it's definitely a girls' name. My husband's grandmother was a Vivian, born 90+ years ago, so it's been in use as a girls' name in the US for a century or more. I think the "Vivian was originally a boys' name" is just trivia, kind of like Douglas originally being a girls' name. You would never expect to meet a boy Vivian or a girl Douglas.
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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    I was just looking at an older (British) name book and saw the name Vivian listed as male which surprised me. Not even unisex. But it had Vivien and Vivienne as the female forms.

    If you like Vivian better and in the US (or even UK for that matter) I don't think any one will notice. I think most people will see it as feminine too.
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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    Vivian was originally a boys name but not many people remember in this day and age because it seems to be all-girl now. It was sometimes spelled Vyvyan for males which is not very appealing in my opinion. I don't think many people would classify it as a unisex name anymore. I wouldn't let that fact deter you in the least. Vivian/Vivien or Vivienne are all classic, ladylike and elegant names and I think you should put aside your reservations and choose it! It's not like you're naming your daughter something like Addison, Bailey or Riley which are more unisex than Vivian ever was in the past. Besides, when was the last time anyone heard of a guy named Vivian? Go for it!
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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    Unless you live in the southern US I think you are okay.
    Chances are high you little girl will never meet a boy with her name.
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