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    How do you prn. Sonel?

    I think I may have found the perfect name IF I'm pronouncing it correctly. I hope someone on here knows because I can't seem to find it anywhere! :?

    I'm thinking (and hoping!) it's prn. "suh-nel" like if you wanted you could use the nickname "Sunny". I would probably use "Nel".

    And what do you think of the combo Sonel Wren? My other choice would be Sonel Zipporah but I doubt my husband would agree to that as easily. Thanks in advance for help, any opinions are definitely appreciated!

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    Re: How do you prn. Sonel?

    I think it's pronounced so-nel. Like as in Sophie. But it's very unusual - I think if you wanted suh-nel instead it would be fine. I think you could spell it Sunel too.
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    Re: How do you prn. Sonel?

    The previous poster is right. It is pronounced sow-nehl. You can listen to a an audio example here: Find Sonel and press on the music note.

    Good luck.

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    Re: How do you prn. Sonel?

    I would prn it Suh-NEL as well. With a name this uncommon, I think you can pronounce it however you want.
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