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    I'm in LOVE with this name right now and if I was pregnant with a girl right now that'd be her name! I automatically associate June with a middle name though and I have this weird thing about going by middle names.
    So what's a good middle name that flows well with June?

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    Re: June

    I think June (and most short first names, for that matter) flows best with something 3 or 4 syllables long, with the accent on the second. It could be anything, depending on your style:

    June Rebecca
    June Elizabeth
    June Olivia

    mama to Juliana Catherine * Katrina Esther * Genevieve Lara * Eloise Tomlyn * and Baby #5, arriving March 2015!

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    Re: June

    I agree with Chickpeaz suggestion of a longer middle name with June. I love the simplicity of June and I think a more quirky, vintage or daring middle name would make some interesting pairings! Good luck!
    June Magnolia
    June Evangeline
    June Matilda
    June Lorelei
    June Penelope
    June Marigold
    June Astoria
    June Marguerite
    June Millicent
    June Magdalena
    June Cordelia
    June Viola
    June Calliope
    June Adelaide
    June Rosalie
    June Thalia
    June Cecily
    June Francesca
    June Mirabel
    June Gwendolyn
    June Briony
    June Lavender
    June Romilly
    June Paloma
    June Melisande
    June Ophelia
    June Delphine
    June Horatia
    All the best,

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    Re: June

    cordelia ~ jessamine ~ alice ~ louisa ~ maeve ~ julia ~ eloise ~ fiona ~ genevieve
    matthias ~ william ~ henry ~ finn ~ benjamin ~ frederick ~ leander

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    Re: June

    I absolutely LOVE June. It has been at the top of my lists for quite a while. I think the other posters have covered middle names pretty well! I especially like June Evangeline, June Astoria and June Olivia. Others that I like are:
    June Alexandra
    June Maria
    June India
    June Elyse
    June Catarina
    Luella Maxine / Rosalie Frances / Esme Josephine / Sloan Alexandra / Juna Odette
    Eleanor Pearl / Hadley Louisa / Ramona June / Mira Olive / Aya Kathleen

    August George / Jonah Mathias / Samson Everett / Ellis Finnegan / Milo Gregory /
    Odin Theodore / Griffin Louis / Ezra Sebastian / Finlay Oliver / Archer Harrison

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