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  • Vivian is a girl's name

    50 90.91%
  • Vivian is a boy's name

    1 1.82%
  • I think Vivian could go either way

    4 7.27%
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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    Reading the pp's reminds me of another name similar to Vivienne/Vivian and very acceptable as a unisex name because two different spellings are used for each gender:
    • Adrienne - my 1st cousin on my mother's side [/*:m:2lqml8e6]
    • Adrian - my uncle/Dad's brother[/*:m:2lqml8e6]
    I don't think your choice will be a problem. Just some food for thought. ? • ? • ?
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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    I have a name very, very similar to Vivian. It's etymologically male, but used almost exclusively on females. It would never work on a boy as a first name, but I still don't really like that my name isn't technically feminine. I'd recommend Vivienne. You can pronounce it the same way (though it's also pronounced vi-vee-EN), and it's an easy fix to the problem.

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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    Sure, the Vivian spelling was originally used for boys, but it has such a long history of use as a girl's name that I wouldn't worry about it. I'm looking at the 1911 census data for people born around 1880 and it's pretty evenly split between male and female-- and that was 250 years ago. Vivien is the traditional feminine spelling if you'd feel better using that instead.

    I'm a pretty extreme name purist (I don't like any 'unisex' names/surnames) and I would use Vivian. So I think you're all right. Vivian Iris is beautiful, by the way!
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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    I have never heard of a man named Vivian except for Vivian Richards. I think it is definitely a girl's name.
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    Re: Am I giving future daughter a BOY's name??? POLL

    Vivian Iris is beautiful. No boy would be named Vivian Iris.

    Naming a girl a boy's name is naming them Thomas, Milo, James, or William. If naming a girl Spencer is okay, naming a girl Vivian is more than okay.

    I've never known it to be a boy's name.
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