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    Re: Tell me what you really think...

    Although Scout is nrms, I'm going to have to disagree with the previous posters. I think it can stand alone just fine. I've heard of the name Scout before, but never as a nn. If that's the name you love and want to call her, then I think that it's a totally usable choice. IMO, it's no stranger than other modern word names such as Story or Lyric. I don't find it 'cutesy', so I think it can age well. Congrats and good luck!

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    Re: Tell me what you really think...

    I would call the Scarlett Elizabeth or Scarlett Frances and n.n. her Scout!
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    Re: Tell me what you really think...

    Another vote for Scarlett Frances, nn Scout! Utterly gorgeous!
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    Re: Tell me what you really think...

    Totally agree with pp- love the Scarlett Frances and nn as Scout. I almost used Scout as a middle name for my first dd.
    Just another thought- wdyt of Frances Scout? Very cute and u could still call her Scout as her mn.
    I do agree that u don't want Scout on future job/university applications. Keep as nn or mn. Love it!

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    Re: Tell me what you really think...

    I know two adult Scouts (in their mid 20s and mid 30s) and both have done just fine for themselves. They're also two of the only people I know who've volunteered that they love their names. One is a lawyer and one is a hippie. I can't get behind Scout as a nickname for Scarlett; it just doesn't make sense to me. But I'm a fan of naming a kid what you plan to call them.

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