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    Tell me what you really think...

    My husband and I are having a hard time picking a name for our baby girl to be born in the next few weeks (EEK!). We have a list and we each have favorites. But the ones that we seem to consistently agree on are Scout and Scarlett.

    Scout is my favorite and has been since long before I was ever thinking about having babies. But now, I have reservations about using Scout as a first name. Is it serious enough to age with her? Does it cross over from unique to weird?

    We will likely use Elizabeth or Frances as middle names (both family names), but that's also subject to negotiation.

    So my question... What do you think of Scout as a standalone first name? Or in the alternative would it be confusing to name her Scarlett and then use a nn of Scout?

    I'm an Elizabeth who goes exclusively by one of the many nicknames so I've never thought it to be that confusing to have a fn and a nn.

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