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    1. You are 26 years old and you've been married to your partner for 2 years. You're both established in your careers and decide that you want to start a family. Fortunately you have no trouble getting pregnant. You have a typical pregnancy and 9 months later you deliver a baby girl. You give your first child two middle names with the initials BUG.
    Gender: Girl
    Name: Bailey Umber Gabrielle

    If you rolled a ONE, you decide not to have any more children and grow up doting on your little boy. If you rolled a two or higher, continue on!

    2. When baby #1 turns two, you start to miss having an infant in the house. Your partner agrees with you and by the time your first child is out of diapers you are pregnant again! This pregnancy is slightly harder and you deliver a healthy baby boy a week before your due date. You give this baby an unusual first name and your maiden name as a middle.
    Gender: Boy
    Name: Cameron Henry

    If you rolled a TWO or less, you decide your family is complete and your two kids grow up the best of friends! If you rolled a three or higher, keep going!

    3. Now your first baby is 4 and your second is 2. In the meantime your sister-in-law just had a baby of her own! Her baby has a biblical name with a cute/spunky nickname. You're so smitten with your niece or nephew that you decide you want another baby of your own. Just before your first baby's 5th birthday you give birth to a baby boy. Each of this baby's names has seven letters.
    Your sister-in-law's baby -
    Gender: Boy
    Name: Jonah Daniel "JD"
    Your baby -
    Gender: Boy
    Name: Brennan Gregory

    If you rolled a THREE or less, you and your partner decide not to have any more children. You are the perfect family of five! If you rolled a four or higher, there's more in store!

    4. When your third baby is three, you move from your starter home to a larger one. In all the stress of moving house with three young kids, you barely notice when you miss one period... then another. By the time you realize you're pregnant again you're already 18 weeks! A few months later you give birth to a baby boy. You decide you want to give him/her a color name.
    Gender: Boy
    Name: Grey Alexander

    If you rolled a FOUR or less, your family is complete! You and your partner love all your children equally and they are great friends. If you rolled a five or higher, continue on!

    Congratulations! With four kids, you decide your family is the perfect size and stop having children. You and your partner grow old together and watch your beautiful kids grow up and have kids of their own!

    What are your kids' names (and nicknames, if you use them) again?

    Bailey (7)

    Cameron "Cam" (5)

    Brennan "Bren" (3)

    Grey (nb)

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