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Thread: Trplets :-)

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    Re: Trplets :-)

    Congrats and good luck to them! And thanks to you for helping them!

    Rachelle, Joy, and Mirabelle are each pleasing names with something to offer. I don't think that Mirabelle and Joy are too different in length. They're sort of connected by virtues: Joy is a virtue, and Mirabelle means admirable/wonderful (I think?). So that's nice. Also if they're using Belle as a nickname, that adds some balance.

    I think it's nice, if they use these two names, if they go with something with two syllables for the other name for some balance. Maybe something that's French in origin like Mirabelle and Rachelle, or at least European in feeling, but accessible in English like Joy for even more balance. Something that starts with a different letter than the other 3 and ideally doesn't end in - l. Maybe Sophie, Corinne, Helen(e), Alice/Elise, Aimee/Amy, Charlotte, Colette, Diane, Louise, Audrey, Lucie/Lucy, Pauline, Sabine, Susanne, Sylvie, Therese, or Simone. Some of these balance more than others, but for me they all work.

    One other choice besides those above might be to take the meaning of Joy/happiness but go more French or at least Latinate/longer: Felice, Felicia, Beatrice, Beatrix, and Letitia come to mind.

    The difficulty for me, if they care (and I encourage them not to if they don't want to : D) is not length, it's more that Rachelle and Mirabelle really go together by sound with that elle thing, and then Joy is different. Now, maybe if her middle name is Noelle that will help pull her in a bit? That does seem a bit better. Especially if the third name doesn't end in -l.

    And of course, with Rachelle being so much older and going by Rocky, it's not quite as close somehow as if it were a 2 year old Rachelle going by that name and a newborn Mirabelle, you know?

    If they are still somewhat flexible on Mirabelle, I think Miranda or Mireille (Meer-AY) are two great options that relate to Mirabelle by sound and meaning, but aren't as close to Rachelle. Mireille is a little close to Marie to my ear, but I think it's different enough.

    I am sure the girls will grow into their names beautifully even if every suggestion here is disregarded. They are ultimately just thoughts : D.

    Best wishes!

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    Re: Trplets :-)

    If the length of Mirabelle and Joy bothers them, how about using Mira and Joy together? Mira is such a pretty name on it's own to me. If they like Belle as a nn, the third daughter could be called Belle. Mira, Belle, and Joy. or Belle, Joy, and a third 1 syllable name.

    or they could try: Mirabelle ___, Joy-Anna Noelle, and ____. (not sure if they are open to modifying Joy or not).

    I also think Noelle is a very sweet sister to Joy. I wouldn't use Mirabelle here though. I'd look to pair Noelle and Joy with something like Felicity, Faith, Gracie, or Emma?
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    Re: Trplets :-)

    Thanks everyone. I was thinking (haven't seen them today) like crunchymama said, maybe they could move Noelle to be the fn of triplet #2. Rachelle, Joy________, Noelle__________, and _______________.
    I'm curious now. I'll call her right now. I might make a new thread about it if she likes the idea. If she doesn't, oh well, we'll keep thinking. Yeah, all my friends know that I'm a name-nerd, so they all turn to me for their baby naming advice.
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