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    Does this sibset work?? Too crazy??

    I have dd Matilda already and expecting girl #2! Do these names go together? (Last name kinda sounds like "Party")

    Matilda Hazel Darling "Party"
    Daphne Coco Mirabelle "Party"

    Too crazy? Or cute?

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    Re: Does this sibset work?? Too crazy??

    Matilda and Daphne go wonderfully together!

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    Re: Does this sibset work?? Too crazy??

    Oo I really like! It flows really well. Matilda and Daphne are great together!
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    Re: Does this sibset work?? Too crazy??

    Do u think "Coco Mirabelle" works? We are pretty set on Daphne but still debating her middle names....
    You think both full name combos work together??? Thx!!

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    Re: Does this sibset work?? Too crazy??

    I love it! The first names are perfect together, the combos are perfect together and Daphne Coco Mirabelle is fabulous on it's own! Are you British? Sounds straight out of the Telegraph! I definitely think Coco Mirabelle works, it's so sweet and spunky and awesome. Totally the kind of name I adore but am not brave enough to use! I really hope you use it! Also, I honestly think Daphne is one of the best names out there. And Darling is an old family surname that I would kill to use as a middle name, I LOVE your taste!
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