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    Irish names for dark haired babies?

    I am of Irish decent, last name Riney. I have very dark, almost black hair and so does my husband so we are guessing that's what our baby will have too.
    I wanted a name that either means dark haired or dark or just sounds like it belongs to a dark haired baby.
    We don't know the gender yet so please leave suggestions for both genders!
    I don't want anything too strange.
    thank you so much for your help!

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    Re: Irish names for dark haired babies?

    I believe this is what Kieran means (my middle name).

    Although I've always thought of it as a boy name, I believe (based on an earlier thread this week) that girls are using it too now.

    Good luck,

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    Re: Irish names for dark haired babies?

    Some searching and thinking leads me too the following. I've bolded my favorites here. Best wishes!

    More for boys...
    Donovan, Duncan, Kieran/Ciaran/Kiaran, Kerwin

    More uni
    Carey/Cary/Kerry (probably on the feminine side)
    Sullivan (probably more on the masculine side)

    More for girls

    If you look to other traditions there are more! There are probably more Irish ones too but that's what I found after a little looking that was still very "accessible" since that seemed important. Best wishes!

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    Re: Irish names for dark haired babies?

    Boys Names for Dark-Haired Child
    Ciaran / Kieran

    Girls Names for Dark-Haired Child
    Darcy (unisex)
    All the best,

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    Re: Irish names for dark haired babies?

    For something really out-of-the-ordinary, what about Dubheasa (pr. "Duvessa"). It means "Dark lady of the waterfall", which is quite poetic! Bran (for boys) or Brannagh (for girls) is derived from "raven", so could suit a child with black hair. Donncha or Donagh (pr. as "Dun-ah") is a boys' name meaning "brown", while Dunlaith ("Dunn-la") for girls means "brown princess". Dubhlainn or Doolin means "black sword". Oran or Odhran can mean "dark-haired" or "otter". Oisin (for boys - pr. "Ush-een") and Damhnait (for girls - pr. "Dav-net") mean "deer" or "fawn", so could be a way to reference a brunette baby. has a decent list, with meanings and a "listen" function, so you can get an ear for the pronunciation.

    Best of luck!

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