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    Gothic or Vampire Names

    Hi Nameberries, since many of you like magic, wizards, vampires and all things Goth, I thought I would post this list I found on the web with some interesting word names. I have bolded my fave words either chosen for their meaning, sound or look. I don't know if I'd seriously consider them for any child so I'll just call them "guilty pleasures". Feel free to comment on your faves. Enjoy! Mischa.

    Acheron, Alabaster, Amaranth, Argent, Ashes, Autumn, Abyss, Aura
    Babylon, Belladonna, Blade, Bliss, Blue, Brink, Battle
    Calamity, Chalice, Chaos, Chapel, Cinder, Crimson, Cyan, Century
    December, Drachen, Drakkar, Draven, Dream, Dred, Dusk, Draegan
    Ebony, Echo, Eclipse, Edge, Ember, Enigma, Essence, Eternity, Eventide
    Fate, February, Forest, Forever, Friday, Frost
    Garnet, Glacier, Glimmer, Gossamer, Gotham, Grail, Granite, Grey, Gusty
    Hades, Hail, Halo, Haven
    Icy, Imperia, Infinity, Innocent, Ivory, Ivy, Illusion
    January, Jett, Jezebel, Jinx, Journey
    Kaige, Kandyl, Kindle, Kindred
    Labyrinth, Lace, Lair, Lazarus, Legacy, Legend, Leviathan, Lithia, Locke, London, Lore, Lucifer, Lucretia, Luna, Link, LullabyMaleficent, Mayze, Memory, Mercy, Midnight, Mink, Mirage, Mist, Monday, Morrow, Mystery, Myth
    Nebula, Noire, November, Nightshade
    Obsidian, October, Omen, Onyx
    Pandora, Panther, Pardon, Parrish, Payne, Pentecost, Peregrine, Prism
    Rain, Ransom, Rapture, Rave, Raven, Refuge, Remember, Requiem, Rogue, Rosary
    Sabbath, Sable, Sabre, Salem, Salvation, Satin, Scarlet, Seraphim, Shadow, Shayde, Siberia, Silence, Silver, Smoky, Snow, Solitude, Solstice, Spirit, Steele, Stone, Storm, Stryker, Sunday
    Talon, Tempest, Temple, Thorne, Thunder, Trilogy, Trinket, Tsunami, Tuesday, Twilight, Tranqility
    Vail, Velvet
    Whisper, Willow, Winter, Wish, Wolf
    Zaphara, Zen, Zephyr, Zillah, Zima, Zurie
    All the best,

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    Re: Gothic or Vampire Names

    Wow cool list! My favourites are: Autumn, Bliss, January, Raven, Snow, Winter.
    My mum nearly called me Winter Solstice because that's the day I was born :roll:

    I have two more to add: Drusilla (always been a vampire name in my mind, ever since Buffy!) and Misery which I weirdly love even though it's a totally inappropriate name for a child. I just like the sound of it!

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    Re: Gothic or Vampire Names

    Acheron was actually on my list for about a year, and Pandora is on my list right now. I love Argent. There's just something about it. Same with Aura. We were about to name a grey kitten Cinder before we gave her to someone else. I also love Imperia and January. I like Zephyra for a girl instead of Zephyr for a boy. I much prefer Prisma to Prism, Raina to Rain, and Stomy to Storm. Luna, Winter, Snow, Willow, Wolf, Silver, Raven, and Peregrine all have potential to be great first or middle names. (please vote!)

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    Re: Gothic or Vampire Names

    Ok, I'm obsessed with this list. Thank you for putting it together!

    My favorites are Obsidian, Onyx, Gotham, Grey, Ashes (or just Ash), Willow, Winter, Zephyr, Haven... So many good ones!

    I also really like Tirian, Caspian, Jadis and Shasta from Chronicles of Narnia. And there are probably a hundred drool-worthy names from Lord of the Rings but Arwen and (although it's a place name) Rohan are personal faves.

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    Re: Gothic or Vampire Names

    I love unusual names, I'd consider using these [first names listed only] as they are on my list:

    Blue b
    Crimson b
    December b
    Draven e
    Echo b
    Ember b
    Fate g
    February g
    Forest g
    Friday g
    Frost g
    Gotham - LOVE this g
    Gray g
    Halo b
    Haven b
    Ivy g
    January b
    Journey b
    Labyrinth b
    Lazarus, b
    Legend b
    London b
    Lucretia g
    Memory g
    Midnight b
    Monday g
    Mystery b
    November b
    Nightshade b
    October e
    Pandora g
    Panther g
    Parrish g
    Peregrine e
    Rain, e
    Raven b
    Remember e
    Salem e
    Scarlet e
    Seraphim b
    Shadow b
    Silence g
    Silver e
    Solstice b
    Spirit b
    Storm b
    Sunday b
    Tuesday e
    Twilight b
    Velvet love this g
    Whisper b
    Winter g Wynter b
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