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    My name is pretty rare. (My real name is not Anaxandra btw) When I was young I kind of wished I had a popular name just because you want to fit in at that age but it wasn't a huge deal for me, I feel pretty neutral towards my name really. I have to correct spelling and pronouncing all the time, it just becomes automatic. I sometimes get compliments on how pretty it is. It's a good name, I think, I never had reason to really dislike it and I guess I'm happy with it. I don't feel the need to be unique but I don't feel the need to fit in either. My kids I like to have names not in the top 10 but not off the charts either, that is, familiar but not ubiquitous. I'd prefer not in the top 50 but some of my favorite names wouldn't make it so I just accept that I like the same things everyone else does.

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    Mine was pretty uncommon, especially where I grew up. I'm Francesca, and while I like it now, I didn't always love it as a kid. It seemed that no one could pronounce it on the first try (had lots of substitute teachers calling me Francisco, Fran, or coming up with the surprisingly common Fran-Jessica pronunciation). I don't mind having to help people say my name, but as a kid, I really wanted to have a "cool" name like Kristy or Jennifer. I was also so jealous of my friends growing up who could buy those tiny license plates with their name on it for their bikes... No tacky souvenirs ever had my name on them, haha.

    That said, I think my name has increased in popularity/awareness now that almost everyone I meet knows how to pronounce it, and many of them know other Francescas. I've really noticed a big difference! I appreciate my name now that I have gotten older, and have even considered some similarly less-popular Italian names for when my hubby and I have kids.
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    Michelle was somewhere in the top 20 when I was born, I believe. So it was quite common, but not too much so.
    I was the only Michelle in my class, but I knew about 3 in the grades above me. I suppose it didn't bother me, and I had the nn Chelby anyway.
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    I feel the same as you

    I've never ever felt like my name was a dumb one because I was Katherine X. or Katie X. in class, but I do prefer names that aren't too out-there or too common.
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    The one thing I do not like about my name is that it is very popular. There was always another Sophie in my class - at one point they were 5 including me! That's why I prefer uncommon names.

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