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Thread: Alia Honoree

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    Alia Honoree

    AH-lee-ah on-ore-AY
    Do these names go together?
    Other names in the running: Adelle, Aurora, Monserrat, Lucia

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    jayjoh Guest

    Re: Alia Honoree

    I quite like Alia the way you're pronouncing isn't a name I've ever considered but it has a very nice sound. I'm not in love with Honoree but I do think it makes a nice middle name. I think with Alia, though, it has too many vowels for me.

    My favorite off your list is definitely Aurora, one of my favorite names of all time! I also like Adele. Good luck!

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    Re: Alia Honoree

    I'm having a hard time with Honoree--it just looks like the word honoree to me. When I first read the subject I thought you were asking about honoring someone named Alia. I really like Alia Montserrat (and I prefer this spelling to Monserrat). It's unexpected and has a sophisticated feel.
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    Re: Alia Honoree

    I think that both names have rather ambiguous pronunciation, so I might not use the two in combination. I also think the flow is a bit difficult where they meet in the middle. I would prefer Alia Lucia or Adele Honoree.

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    Re: Alia Honoree

    Alia has a great sound any way you say it, but when I look at this name I see Aaliyah or Aleah pronunciations (uh Lee uh), so that might be a factor. This way also looks like "inter alia", which I think is ALya or A-lyuh. It also kind of looks like Aila and Alla. Be ready for all that if you use it. If you're not committed to it but very into it, Dahlia or Talia/Natalia actually probably get you the sound you want almost as often, if not more. Natalia could have Alia has a nn.

    Honoree is lovely although I can see others' points about the spelling/pronunciation issues. I think in middle position it probably doesn't matter sooo much.

    I like your other names in the running, agree Montserrat is a preferred spelling. Adele maybe too is a preferred spelling? Aurora is lovely.

    Lucia is one of my favorite names - so cross-cultural!

    All best!

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