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    Edgy, industrial, futuristic names

    Hi everyone! I'm in need some name ideas for a novel I'm planning, and I hope you can help.

    The story takes place around 2050, in an urban, industrial city. Humanity has been at war with vampires for ten years. One of the main characters is a female FBI agent trained to hunt and kill vampires. The other main character is a male vampire, the first ever discovered, who had been used as a test subject for several years before escaping. (Yes, they are going to fall in love. No, I am not a Twilight fan.)

    I'm looking for edgy, industrial, futuristic names for various characters, both human and vampire - preferrably names that aren't actual names. Some names will be chosen by vampires for themselves after being turned, so they don't have to be believable as given names. To give you an idea of what I'm looking for, here's what I've got so far:

    - Sona
    - Dane
    - Ajax
    - Reznor
    - Finnick
    - Nyx
    - Arris
    - Nova
    - Vega
    - Vox
    - Hinge
    - Raze
    - Radius
    - Apoch

    I'm especially looking for a name for the male lead. He was originally going to be a rather old vampire, so I'd given him the name Sebastian, classic and romantic. However, I've since changed my mind; now, he would've been born somewhere around 2010. So, his name shouldn't be too out there, like the others. And it should fit with Sona, the female lead.

    Tons of thanks in advance!

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