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Thread: Safina / Savina

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    Re: Safina / Savina

    While I like Sabine plain and simple, of these variations, I prefer Savina. I wanted Savannah for our first daughter (I'm over it now) and I thought the nn Savi is super cute, so I like Savina.

    Also, something seems off with the f in Safina, I don't like the nn Fina either. It reminds of the Spanish word for refined, which is not a bad thing, but it's almost like naming your kid Fancy, just trying to hard.

    I used know a girl named Safiya. It meant Innocence in Arabic or some other language and I thought it was such an awesome name. The girl who owned it was very ambitous and the university student council president. of course, now with all the Sophia, it would just be too confusing, but your venture into Safina reminded me of the name.

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    My name is Safina!!! I love it and people always say it's really unique and special and pretty! People call me Fina sometimes and my grandma calls me Bean and my friend calls me Fifi. Sometimes people call me Sofina/Sophina, or Sophie, and once someone called me Serafina.
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