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    Spunky, classy, no frills...

    Hey all! First-time poster, long-time reader. After three years of trying to conceive, it has FINALLY happened. And she's a girl. Super excited.

    DH says he doesn't care what her name is as long as it doesn't contain or lend to the Ell- nicknames and isn't extremely common. So, the plan is to present him with a list of favorites and let him decide which stand out unless he decides to chime in.

    "Extremely common" leaves a nasty gray area, however. We live in a very hip neighborhood of NYC. Translation: for every Isabella, there is Isla or Juno. To me, this means two things: I'm allowed a bit of leeway on the out-of-the-box factor and I should take that tricky "extremely common" condition with a grain of salt. She's just as likely to be in a class with Ruby or Alice as she is with Sophia in these parts.

    As for my taste, I like class (not necessarily classic!) with spunk. Nothing too cutesy or frilly, but I don't care for unisex, either. Literary connection is a huge plus. At the moment, it's looking pretty eclectic:

    Frances nn Fran
    Winona nn Winnie
    Harriet nn Hattie
    Philippa nn Pippa

    Some have sentimental value, but there's no favorite. So, suggestions? Comments? I'd love to hear what you all have to say.


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    Re: Spunky, classy, no frills...

    Congratulations! You have some nice names here. I've bolded by favorites.

    Clara - I like this name a lot. Claire is an option for even less frill.
    Ivy - not my style. I can see the appeal, a pretty plant, nice sounds. I just can't help thinking of poison ivy.
    Frances nn Fran - like it OK although I prefer Frankie or Francie.
    Matilda - like it a lot! Tillie and Tilda are cute.
    Beatrice - love! Bea is great. Also like Beatrix for a little spunk.
    Penelope - like it a lot! Not exactly frilly, but maybe a bit much for his taste? Love nicknames Poppy and Nell/Nellie/Nella. Not wild about Penny although it's fine. Also, by a stretch she could be Ellie, I can see your husband wondering about that if he's observant enough about names.
    Winona nn Winnie - too tied to the celebrity for me and I suspect for your taste judging by other names here. Winnie can come from a lot of Welsh names and probably some others if that's what you want.
    Harriet nn Hattie - this name has a lot of class and pinache but it's not my style because I just worry about "Harry". I do like it on many levels. I prefer nns Hallie and Etta.
    Daisy - like it a lot but it's a little cutesy, again, I think for your taste too given the other names here. I'd go with Margaret and make Daisy the name. Margaret hits a lot of the same notes as Harriet without the Harry, and there's so many nickname possibilities!
    Tess - Love! Also like it as a nickname for Theresa or Tessa but it does work well on its own.
    Claudia - like this pretty well! Nns Cleo, Clo?
    Rowena - Pretty fond of this. Winnie? Rory? Ro?
    Felicity - like this well, but a little tied to the TV show. Verity and Felice both seem a little bit less frilly to me.
    Philippa nn Pippa - like this a lot!
    Liv - love this! It's a family name for me though so I don't feel it's too celebrity. If it's not a family name for you, I wonder if you'd feel the same way in the end. Also, I worry about everyone guessing it's a nickname for Olivia.
    Agatha - intriguing. Pretty tied to the author and pretty old lady. But somehow nice. Not wild about Aggie. Agate?

    You might like
    Olive nn Liv
    Pearl (also a nn for Margaret by meaning in my book)

    Good luck!

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    Re: Spunky, classy, no frills...

    Clara - too popular for me.
    Ivy - I like this! I also like Iris, Imogen, Ingrid
    Frances nn Fran - this is ok (my MIL's mn....) it's on our list.
    Matilda - I LOVE THIS FOR YOU!!
    Beatrice - Also on our list - my husband's #1 in fact! I like it alright.
    Penelope - Another on our list. I like nn Nell/Nellie, my husband likes Penny.
    Winona nn Winnie - do not like this. Especially after Winona Ryder stole stuff.
    Harriet nn Hattie - it's ok.
    Daisy - cute. Maybe not as much for an adult?
    Tess - Another fav for you!
    Claudia - Hmm. Different but approachable. A dark horse. I like it.
    Rowena - Not a fan.
    Felicity - TV show.
    Philippa nn Pippa - too out there for me.
    Liv - People will think she is another Olivia
    Agatha - I actually really like this one!!

    So my top favs for you are:

    They seem fresh to me, without being too weird. I know you live in NYC now but she may not always? I think the 4 I listed are universal! The others are too popular IMO.

    From PP's list, I also like:
    Hazel, Iris, Agnes, Esther, Maeve, and Pearl (these are a little more old-fashioned I think - but still classic)

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    Re: Spunky, classy, no frills...

    Congrats on your long-awaited little girl!

    Clara - I think there are a lot of Claires running around, so I would stay away from this even in NYC.
    Ivy - Nms, but I think you should be okay in NYC with not too many of these running. But what is she goes to school at one of the Ivys?
    Frances nn Fran - again, nms, but totally meets your standard.
    Matilda - This does sound like a NYC kind of name. My concern is its closeness to Madeline, which there are a lot and its variation. Also, would you call her Mattie? If so, careful with all the Maddies (including Madisons) running around. I'd stay away
    Beatrice - I see this name popping up here a lot. The nameberry taste strikes me as the type you describe for NYC, not totally mainstream, quirky and brave. But this name is pretty classic, so you should be okay. I went to school with a lot of Beatrizes, so it's just not my style, but if i were to do anyone it would be Beatrix with nn trixie.
    Penelope - I think this is a NYC type name like Juno. Nameberries love it too.
    Winona nn Winnie - Cute nn. Wish you get there without Winona. How about Wynn? Winter?
    Harriet nn Hattie - Cute and I think you should be okay popularity wise, but again might be the Juno of NYC of your kid's year.
    Daisy - Cute. like it.
    Tess - I think it meet your criteria.
    Claudia - Nms, but you should be okay popularity wise. A lot of Claudias in my school too.
    Rowena - I think you should be great with this one too.
    Felicity - I love it and you should be okay popularity wise.
    Philippa nn Pippa - same as rowena.
    Liv - I really like this name, but I would never do it because of all the Olivia's being born. I know you say Juno and Isla are just as likely as Sophie and Isabella, but that's not too say there are no Sophies or Isabellas in NYC. Sophia and Isabella are EVERYWHERE, and so will Olivia. I know many mommies calling their unborn Olivias, Livi or Liv as a nn already and that's in the womb.
    Agatha - you're totally safe here.

    I totally know what you mean about NYC hipster type names. I think it makes it tougher for you, because you still have the mainstream names to contend with but you may end up with another Penelope in her class. There really is no way to guess in a scenario like this. Just do your best and go with the name you love, not so much popularity of obscure names bc it's hard to predict that.

    Of your list, I really like Felicity best of all, especially for your criteria. I like Daisy too, but not sure how much "class" is in that name. I'm not saying it's classless, but not sure I'd ever describe it as a classy name. It's a cute and spunky name, but not classy. For your criteria, but it is less my style, I like Harriet nn Hattie and Phillippa nn Pippa. I love both these nn but not such the full names. Also, Pippa will sounds a lot like any Piper classmates.

    The ones that really stick out as popular trouble to me are Liv bc of the Olivia nn, as well as Penelope for the funky-hipster popularity I think it enjoys. Like Liv, I'd stay away from Matilda if any part of you is hoping to go for nn Mattie.

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    Re: Spunky, classy, no frills...

    Clara- Love Clara, but like pp said there are a lot of little Claires
    Ivy- LOVE probably my favorite from your list
    Frances nn Fran- Ok, nms but a solid, non-frilly classic
    Matilda- Cute
    Beatrice- nms
    Penelope- Very cute, but also pretty popular with the hipster crowd, though I wouldn't say it was common, just depends on where you live
    Winona nn Winnie- LOVE the nn Winnie, not so fond of Winona
    Harriet nn Hattie- I love the nn Hattie, Harriet is ok
    Daisy- Cute but a little too cutesy for my taste
    Tess- another nameberry favorite, but it just feels like a nn to me...
    Claudia- LOVE
    Rowena- ok
    Felicity- ok
    Philippa nn Pippa- LOVE
    Liv- not enough substance for me
    Agatha- I would love to meet a little girl named Agatha

    My favorites from your list....

    some more suggestions....
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