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    Get to know each other!

    I looked for a post like this but couldn't find one, if there is then point me in the right direction. We need somewhere to introduce ourselves and and get to know each other.

    I'll start, my name is Claire, I'm 24 and 30 weeks pregnant with twins, my first children. I live in England near London. My boyfriend is called Ben and we've been together for two and a half years, the twins were a pleasant surprise. This website sounds amazing, as I'm struggling to come up with names for the babies.

    Tell as much or as little as you want, and lets get to know each other!
    James Orion and Charlotte Maia (27/4/2011)

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Awe Congrats!! I'm 24 and 17 weeks, expecting my first child with my fiancee! It's nice to see someone the same age as me

    I knew my girl name for years, all I had to do was decide a middle name for her. As for the boy, it just clicked one day and it took my fiancee a little while before he decided he was in love with it. I thought it was ruled out until one day he said 'I love the name Ari.' So happy!

    So are you having boys, girls, both? Waiting to find out?
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    Re: Get to know each other!

    It's nice to meet you, and congratulations on the engagement and the baby! My bf is a long was from proposing .

    We decided to keep the genders a surprise, but it has taken some willpower to keep it a surprise. I'm so curious I just want to find out, but not long left. You're lucky, naming these babies is so hard, I feel like we're just going round and round.
    James Orion and Charlotte Maia (27/4/2011)

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Nice idea for a thread.

    My name is Chelsea. I am, as I understand, one of a few guys here and so I am not pregnant But my interest in names stems from being given a girl's name, albeit when it was still uncommon, and then growing up as it became increasingly more popular for girls. Originally from the UK I now live in the US.
    - Named after the place. A guy named Chelsea, who through his name became fascinated with names.

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Hi, my name's Suzanna. My son's name is Benjamin nn Benny, and my husband and I have been married for six years. Benny's turning 6 in April, and I'm pregnant with a baby due in September. I'm twenty-nine years old (but don't remind me) and my hair's blonde and curly, and my eyes are green. Neat thread!
    Mother of the 6-year-old finger-painter, Benjamin Henry (and proud of it, too)

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