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    My Parent's doesn't wanna be called Grand. HELP!!

    Hi Everyone!
    Im new here, i need your help! Im 7mnths Pregnant now and my due date is almost there,
    I'm thinking of a good name to be called for my Parent's since this is their first grandchil in the family. They don't want to be called!
    thank you!!

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    Re: My Parent's doesn't wanna be called Grand. HELP!!

    :roll: Baby boomers... One of my grandmothers was like that, too. Funny because she was no spring chicken when we were born - about 60. Anyway, we called her a diminutive of her first name - Edie for Edith; nobody else called her that. Worked for us. There's also the classic Mee-maw and Paw-paw, along with Grammy and Pappy. This might be, er, only where I live though. Mimi is a popular grandma name, and Pa works.

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    Re: My Parent's doesn't wanna be called Grand. HELP!!

    My parents were the same way! haha. I told them whatever they wanted is fine with me. So they opted for Grammy and Pops. Only thing is that my Ds couldn't say Grammy so she has become Mi-Mi/Mam-me. And my father has become Pop! So, you can plan to have your kids call your parents something and it might turn out to be something totally different, you just have to roll with it
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    Re: My Parent's doesn't wanna be called Grand. HELP!!

    Yeah, it's pretty common in my family fact we have no grandmas or grandmas in three generations. Here are some ideas. I have heard of "honey" for grandma, and think that is kinda cute. Also, my grandmother goes by "muttie" which is german for mother or dear mother or something like that, so maybe using your heritage to come up with another name is an idea. I call my other grandmother Nana, and my mom also goes my Nana. Also, I've heard of Gigi for grandma...and the less formal version of grandma...gramma.

    For Grandpa's...i have a Granddad, and a Papa. My husband calls his grandfather Pop...I think when he was younger it was poppop, and then went to just Pop when he was older. My father got creative and choose "G-man" (an old FBI slang term). I hate that, but, ultimately, you have to let them is their name. And like the last poster, I've heard of many stories about the kids coming up with their own names for their grandma and grandpa that no one anticipated, so in the end, you guys will figure it out I'm sure, and it'll be special and unique to your family. Good Luck!!

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    Re: My Parent's doesn't wanna be called Grand. HELP!!

    My sister had children first, and together with my parents decided on the names Nana and Papa. I didn't like it at first, but got used to it. It's been so cute to listen to the kids refer to them - they have shortened it and all, including my daughter, refer to them as 'Nan' and 'Pops.' Definitely best to let them decide what they're comfortable with...
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