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    Re: Get to know each other!

    This is a great thread, its great to get to know everybody!

    My name is Kirstyn, and yes, parents wanted to be yooneek and spelled it with a "Y". I am 19 years old and studying to become a nurse, I would eventually like to specialize in neonatology. I do not have any children and am not pregnant but I have loved names since I was a child. However, my obsession with names began in high school and has only grown since, thanks to nameberry!

    Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
    *Matilda*Louisa*Vivian*Penelope*Ramona*Dahlia*Fion a*

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Hello everyone, My name is Rachel and have a son named Sidney Warren and am currently pregnant with no.2, a girl, name yet to be decided!! Anyone wondering about the account name: this login originally belonged to my friend Caoimhe... Lovely to meet you all!

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Hello Claire and everyone,

    My name is Heather (early30s). My husband and I were together for MANY years before we tied the knot. We have a blended family. I have two boys, Drue and Jayce (they have my maiden name as their middle name). DH and I have a darling girl Roxsi Parker, and I am due in November for our second. We live in the states and are both artists.

    I guess I've chosen names that all are technically nicknames, and chosen variant spellings to set them apart from their root names. I see comments against this all the time, but it has worked out fine for us. My eldest is 12, so trends have really changed.We liked spelling Roxsi this way so she could also go by SiSi or Parker if she chooses! Everyone scoffed at her name before she was born, but it fits her perfectly and we love it!

    I have no idea where to start now.....Do you have any favs or short lists you are considering?

    Thanks for sharing and Good Luck to all!

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Hi all! I'm Annie and I am not pregnant (thank God) yet, but I love names so here I am! I'm 27 and a journalist in Tennessee, though I'm on the job hunt and may be moving soon. I have been dating my bf for over 2 years and I think we'll probably get married, but for now we're just working on our careers and I'm looking at Nameberry for fun. I think it's sort of like picking paint chips - each name or color has a very specific ring or look to it, so it's fun to try and pick out the right one. I think of the name Jennifer and I think of avocado green haha. Anyway, it's fun to meet everyone!
    Mom to Clementine the cat and Friedman the fatter cat.

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Hi all!

    I'm Lola (otherwise known as Laura), 43 (til July) and 9 weeks pregnant with my 4th, today!
    My other Half is Ken, we've been together for 27 years.
    We have 3 other kids:
    Leo Sebastian Coe
    Simon Ambrose Nash
    Josephine Rosamel Anne

    Our boys are 25 this July, our daughter, 7 this May.
    Yes, we have an insane life!

    I'm struggling a bit with names this time, as a) it's absolutely our last.
    b) I'm fighting his inclination to go way OTT with the name. He prefers outrageous names (Zuleika & Constantin are his faves) while I'm a little more traditional: I named the boys while he was stationed in Germany.
    I've been around Nameberry for a long while but my appearances are spotty, based on what is going on around here in RL. I hope to have some time every day for this place, I Love it here!
    Mama to Leo Sebastian, Simon Ambrose, Josephine Rosamel &
    Angel: 05/09/11

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