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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Good thread! I know there used to be one, but I have no idea where to find it!

    I'm Lyndsay and I'm 25. My husband's name is Chris (well, Christopher) and we have a 2 year old named Dashiell who nameberry helped name! I've been here on and off since almost the beginning. We live in Pennsylvania now, but I was born and raised in California. I love crafting and thrift store shopping. I stay at home with Dash during the day and work evenings. I waste too much time on the internet. I'm starting a huge vegetable garden tomorrow, pretty excited to add "gardening" to my interests! I've been a namenerd since I was at least a preteen, but it probably started before that. I'm pretty sarcastic and find it difficult to bite my tongue, which gets me into trouble sometimes.
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    Re: Get to know each other!

    It's nice to meet everyone!

    What an awesome name, I think it's really original and fun. Was it hard growing up with a name like Chelsea?

    Jay, are they your kids in the signature, they have lovely names!
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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Add me in as another guy! Like Chelsea I have a gender-confusing name, but mine is not as extreme as his (I'm Kelly). I'm mostly here because of my interest in names (I don't plan on having kids anytime soon).

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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Awww Chelsea! I am Chelsey! Never met a male with the name or too many females either. Probably only around 8 my whole life. My mom says she named me after Chelsea in the UK but wanted to change it because some people pronounce it chel-see-ah when it's spelled with the a. I didn't believe her until I had a high school english class, one of the books we read had a character named Chelsea. My teacher pronounced it like that, an english teacher! So crazy. I like having the Y, my s/o is Bryan with a Y. We're cute :lol:
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    Re: Get to know each other!

    Neat thread!

    Its nice to "meet" everyone! Me and SO have been together for 4 years and should be getting married soon. Well as soon as we can scrape up enough money to pay for a wedding, we will see how long that takes :P I have been name obsessed my whole life, part of it steming from my own dislike for my name (I'm not really a Leah). You can see my current favorites in my siggy. We both have strong German heritage (with the exception of my mil who is Italian ) and family is very important to us. We want our children to have meaningful well thought out names that reflect their heritage and tie them to their family. I will be getting my PhD in Genetics and Cell biology and hope to be a college professor some day. We are not planning children for another 5 years, but Ive been naming babies for nearly my entire life, so its never too soon imo.
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