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    Re: Beckham baby -- a girl!

    Quote Originally Posted by partyof5
    Since the Beckhams and countless celebrities both overseas and here in Australia have used the name. Where I would once get positive comments on Harper being a unique sounding name for our daughter. I now get 'oh just like the Beckhams'. That's when I am quick to point out my daughter's age :roll:.
    I knew a boy once named Dakota who complained that once Daktoa Fanning became famous people would seriously ask if he was named after her even though he was like 7 or 8 years older than her. LOL.
    - Named after the place. A guy named Chelsea, who through his name became fascinated with names.

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    Re: Beckham baby -- a girl!

    Quote Originally Posted by partyof5
    We decided on Harper as Scout was already used by 'celebrity' couple Demi Moore and Bruce Willis and I didn't want people to assume we had used a hollywood trend name to be different.

    I am pregnant with number 5 and struggling to pick a name that isn't 'made-up' but a little different, easy to pronounce and spell and hopefully won't be picked up in the next wave of hollywood it names .
    Ughhhhhh. That sucks! That is my fear in picking names. There are some names that I feel like are on the verge of being used by everyone and I'm afraid to use them. Luckily am a few years out from naming, but nevertheless. My favorite name has been Charlotte for about 15 years and now all of a sudden it seems tired, so I know to a much lesser extent how you feel.

    Do you have another post trying to get a list for #5? I'll look for it and try to help if I can!
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