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    Beckham baby -- a girl!

    Hi Berries!

    So it was announced that David and Victoria Beckham's baby will be a girl and will arrive this summer. Her name will surely be interesting! Brothers are Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. What do you guys think?
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    Re: Beckham baby -- a girl!

    Hi Nicole, well, it would be very hard to judge what kind of name they'll choose for a girl because their three sons, Brooklyn (place name), Romeo (Shakespeare/Italian) and Cruz (Spanish/Religious) are all over the map! :? They may surprise us and go down the traditional road (Elizabeth, Charlotte). They may jump on the trendy bandwagon and chose a unisex name or traditional boys name for a girl (Rowan, August or Sawyer). Since it's their first girl, they may go frilly and feminine (Arabella, Lavinia or Cordelia). Then again, they can go for something completely out there that it will boggle the mind! To tell you the truth, I really don't know what to think because they really don't have a style that anyone can pinpoint. Not much help, was it? :lol:
    All the best,

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    Re: Beckham baby -- a girl!

    I'm scared

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    Re: Beckham baby -- a girl!

    Nature name - that's my vote. Dahlia Caroline Beckham.

    Lemon :-)
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    Re: Beckham baby -- a girl!

    I think she'll name her baby Ruby or something like that. Ruby might be too popular in England right now. Maybe she'll go for Clementine or Sapphire or Lilac or something like that. Or maybe she likes more gender neutral girls names like Presley or Ripley or something, though those seem very close to her boy names.

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