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    Names to go with Lucy?

    Hi, Berries!

    I've been a fan of nameberry for quite some time and have finally decided to come out of lurkdome and join in on the fun! I'm not expecting but was wondering if you could give me some opinions on some of my favorites.

    The name I absolutely ADORE is Lucy. It's a name I love so much that I don't even care about its popularity. I love its spunk, its simplicity, that it's sweet but also a little on the sassy side (wow, that's a lot of s's...) I'm a huge Beatles fan so I love that connection and Lucille Ball is a wonderful namesake. Lucy has been my number one for years now, and I love thinking about other names that go with it.

    Here are some of my other faves...

    Eliza - Not sure if I'm in love with Eliza, or if I'm just drawn to it because to me it's a great fit with Lucy)
    Norah - I go back and forth between loving this and thinking it's a bit too plain
    Ramona - Too much with Lucy?
    Delia - or Cordelia?
    Claire - I have always wished my name was Claire...
    Clara - Claire or Clara? Which do you like better?
    Matilda - I heard a sibset the other day named Toby, Lucy, and Tilly, and thought it was absolutely adorable
    Pearl - I feel the same about this one as Eliza. But maybe it doesn't go as well as I think it does
    June - This one has recently entered my list. I think I'd just love to call a baby girl Junebug!
    Fiona - Not sure if this could ever work with Lucy, but I love it...
    Adelaide - Would Della work as a nn? Not a huge fan of Addie or Lady...But probably too much with Lucy, yes?

    I'd really love to hear your comments! The more honest the better! Thanks!

    -Kelley (in case anyone was wondering, I have two nieces named Quinn & Harper, hence the username

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    Re: Names to go with Lucy?

    When I was 4/5 I was going to have two children called Lucy and Tom when I grew up hehe. Unfortunately a couple of Lucy's I've met have given me bad associations with the name (don't you hate that!) and it's too popular for my tastes, but I can definitely see why you love it! It's so sweet on a little girl but one of my main reservations used to be that it wouldn't age well, but one of my best friend's fiancee is called Lucy and is in her 20s and it sounds great on her!

    So, on to Lucy's "sisters"

    Eliza - I do agree this works really well with Lucy. Both have a kind of perky, wholesome, fun feel to me. I'd keep it on the list for now while you decide if you really love it, but if you decide you don't I'd nix it. I think it's more important to love each individual name than the sibset.

    Norah - I prefer the Nora spelling but either way I think it's a really sweet and gentle name, which are qualities I also see in Lucy. I don't think it's plain at all! Lucy and Nora sounds adorable. Or even Lucinda and Eleanor, nn Lucy and Nora? Or Luciana and Eleonora nn Lucy and Nora?

    Ramona - I love Ramona, but to me it's like the total opposite kind of name to Lucy so I wouldn't use them together. Ramona's so strong, quirky and a little masculine to me. Lucy is sweet, soft and feminine.

    Delia - I prefer Cordelia, but Delia sounds better with Lucy. Lucy and Delia. Yup, adorable! Cordelia would work well with a longer version of Lucy like Lucienne or Lucinda though?

    Claire - if you've always wished you were a Claire I think that's pretty much the highest compliment you could pay a name, and I happen to think Lucy and Claire sound perfect together! Clara's cute and vintage but I prefer the fresh sounding Claire with Lucy.

    Matilda - yes Lucy and Matilda, or Lucy and Tilly are adorable together! I really love the name Matilda and it has the same warm feel as Lucy to me. This is a definite yes!

    Pearl - Lucy and Pearl just makes me think of the group Lucy Pearl!! I actually don't think the two names match stylistically, but it could make a good middle name for one of the other names?

    June - I love this for the same reason you said! The nn Junebug is so frigging sweet Unfortunately my partner vetoed it But for you I love it. Lucy and June has a very different feel to Lucy and Claire but both work well imo. June makes Lucy feel a little more vintage cool.

    Fiona - I don't see why this couldn't work with Lucy. It's not the most obvious match but I definitely think they could be sisters and Fiona is a lovely name

    Adelaide - not my favourite with Lucy, although I do love the name. Lucy and Adele on the other hand.....perfect! I love that Adele is such a classic, timeless, simple name, and yet has never been hugely popular. Della would work as a nn for either Adelaide or Adele but I think it's a more obvious nn for Adele as the "Dell" part is more pronounced.

    Caroline - I know the Berries love this name, but to me it's still just my middle aged aunts name! Lol. And I find it a little boring. Lucy and Cara or Lucy and Cora would be gorgeous though

    Willa - I can't make my mind up with this one. I love Willa, but I'm unsure about Lucy and Willa. Willow seems to me like a better match, but Willa isn't bad either I suppose. Something just seems a little off to me when I say the two together.

    Olive - like June, this would make Lucy seem a lot more vintage and cool, but I don't like Olive as much as June, and I don't like it with Lucy as much either. Olive seems like it's trying a bit too hard to be cool, whereas June seems like a more natural sister to Lucy.

    Ivy - ahhh Ivy This is in my own top 5 names and I really REALLY adore it. I know they have matching "ee" endings, but I still think Lucy and Ivy would make super sweet sisters

    Iris - Iris might be too delicate to be Lucy's sister. Lucy is soft and sweet but has a bit of spunk, like Ivy and Eliza and June, but Iris is just dainty and soft through and through to me. I do adore the name though so if you love it I'd keep it.

    Hazel - this was my great-aunts name, but I've never loved it. I'd use it as a middle name but I don't love it as a first and it seems harsh next to Lucy to me.

    Flora - I'm not a fan of Flora. It seems way too cutesy and Lucy and Flora together is just OTT to me.

    So my favourites with Lucy are; June, Adele, Claire, Matilda, Nora, Eliza, Ivy, Fiona, Delia and Cara.

    I think a lovely sibset would be something like:

    Lucy, June, Matilda and Ivy

    or Lucy, Adele, Claire and Eliza

    or Lucinda, Adelaide, Cordelia and Eleanor

    Good luck!
    28 year old name nerd, dreaming of a future:

    Claudie, Lilac, Hadley, Thea, Phoebe, Mirabelle, Penelope & Clementine.
    Otto, Quentin, Xavier, Ace, Lennox, Byron, Rafferty & Harlan.

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    Re: Names to go with Lucy?

    I love the name Lucy too, mainly because of the association with the main character in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe series - although the Beatles connection is great too. Unfortunately I think it's gotten a bit popular in recent years - all the names I loved when I was younger have rocketed up the charts as I've reached my childbearing years! It's the same with Eliza.
    But I LOVE Clara, Adelaide, Ivy, Iris, Hazel and Flora. I think any of them would be beautiful with Lucy.
    Currently searching for a name for number three, due January 2013.

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    Re: Names to go with Lucy?

    Yep, Lucy is gorgeous and is one our list- is my husbands favourite and my mum n dads fave too!
    I think Lucy pearl is a great name-
    We want to use Lucy Isabel Iris
    Other names I love to go with Lucy are


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    Re: Names to go with Lucy?

    I have a Lucie 'running' around the house I, too, have loved that name for a long time now and I still love it.

    As for your other favorites:
    Eliza - Love it!
    Norah - Same feeling as you have, can't decide whether I like it or not, but that would mean a no-go for me..
    Ramona - Don't like it and definitely not with Lucy.
    Delia - It's OK
    Claire or Clara? Which do you like better? - Definitely prefer Clara and it fits way better with Lucy.
    Matilda - Don't like it.
    Pearl - It's OK, I'm not sold on Pearl, but it's quite surprising to see how well it fits with Lucy.
    June - Like it!
    Fiona - Not sure if this could ever work with Lucy, but I love it... - Same opinion
    Adelaide - No.
    Caroline - I feel like it's too old for Lucy, I love this name but would only use it as a mn. (Lucy Caroline)
    Willa - No.
    Olive - Prefer Olivia, but quite nice.
    Ivy - Don't like it.
    Iris - Love it! (just a little bit biased)
    Hazel - Have always been fond of this name, but it seems so weird next to Lucy. The names are very different and I don't really like that, but that's just my opinion.
    Flora - Not sold on it. I prefer Fleur.

    My favorites are Eliza, Clara, June and Iris.

    FYI: My other daughters are Alice (twin sister of Lucie), Julia and newborn Clara

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