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    Cool The Create Your Band Game

    So I totally thought this would be a fun and great game to play and I think eveyone will love it. Though I dont know if this has already been done before. If so, who cares?

    For this, you have to come up with a music ensemble and the members names. The amount of members are up to you. You can make up a boy band, girl group, rock band, even a string orchestra, its all up to you. Add specific information on the group and each member. Feel free to be creative and make up as many groups as you want (you can reply more than once)

    I'll start with an example, something simple:

    Name- Junior Honey
    Genre- Alternative rock, post punk revival, indie pop

    Patricia Bernadette 'Patsy' Elliott (22)- Lead vocals, guitar, bass guitar, piano, percussion
    Francisca Maristela 'Pancha' Belmonte (25)- guitar, backing vocals
    Jacqueline Petra 'Jakki' Jordan (22)- guitar, backing vocals
    Liliana Maisie 'Lil' Woods (23)- guitar, bass guitar, backing vocals
    Vanessa Stacie 'Ness' Newport (23)- percussion vocals

    Something like that Please enjoy!!
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    Name:- Pearls
    Genre:- Mixed indie pop punk band (something along the lines of You Me at Six, Nickelback, Paramore, Every Avenue etc)

    Pearls are a small town band started originally by brother-sister musicians playing together in their basement. Soon they were joined by equally minded and talented friends.

    Octavia Eleanore Mary Fairchild - Front woman, joint-lead vocals, supporting/rhythm guitar.
    Isaac Herbert Phoenix Fairchild - Front man, joint-lead vocals, keyboard/piano.
    Marshall Jules Winston - lead guitar, percussion.
    Willow Daphne Danson - backing vocals, rhythm keyboard.
    Thomas T. Clarkson - drums, backing vocals.
    Sebastian Quinn Jones - bass guitar, percussion.

    "Octavia (20), Isaac (22), Mash (21), Willow (19), Clark (23) and Sebbie (19)."
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    Name: Loveday
    Genre: Indie rock, Alternative rock

    Loveday began as a high school trio of Effie, Sabine, and Bellamy, playing together in Sabine’s garage. They were soon joined by talented brother-sister pairing Jared and Gabriella, and invited Taylor to be their sixth member shortly before recording their debut album.

    Effie Delilah Carillo [19] – lead singer, acoustic guitar, tambourine
    Sabine Louisa McCarthy [19] – lead guitar, backing vocals
    Bellamy Darwin Kent [20] – bass, backing vocals
    Jared Oliver Jude Merriweather [24] – rhythm guitar, ukulele, banjo
    Gabriella Ramona Maeve Merriweather [21] – drums, backing vocals
    Taylor Xavier Holloway [23] – keyboard/piano
    Girls: Autumn | Delilah | Elodie | Greta | Hazel | India | Jessamy | Magdalena | Nora | Ramona | Sabine

    Boys: Bellamy | Bruno | Caspar | Jude | Kennedy | Kitt | Ludo | Samuel | Stellan | William | Xavier

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