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  • Iris

    16 25.81%
  • Fiona

    15 24.19%
  • Hazel

    6 9.68%
  • Lyra

    14 22.58%
  • Milla

    11 17.74%
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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    I discount Iris, Hazel, and Fiona, lovely as they may be, for their starbaby/pop culture associations.

    Lyra and Milla are to me very similar names, and because of your family association I'd lean toward Milla. But what about a longer name like Camilla or Millicent with Milla as a short form?
    Pam Satran

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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    Thank you everyone for your votes and feedback!

    My mom is a huge part of the process for me and continues to drop bombs that completely alter the playing field. We both love the sound of Fiona, but she's now telling me we have a distant relative named Fiona who happens to be crazy, on top of the Shrek association that is already a huge turn-off. I asked her to call me Milla for a day or two to dip my toes into being a Milla, but her tongue twists every time she says it and the beautiful sound is somehow being lost in the southern accent prevalent around these parts. Storing Milla (Camilla) and Fiona away for a while to let them rest and for me to get fresh perspective.

    I'm finding Lyra's pronunciation, like Milla, is being lost in the accent -- it's coming out more like Lara, a pretty name but not what I'm going for, you know? That said, I'm going to the Northeast for college and who knows what I'll be doing after that, so maybe this is something I should consider with a grain of salt.

    This leaves Iris and Hazel, both names I love but still carry reservations about. I think I need to slow down, reevaluate, and roll some names around on my tongue some more before coming to a definitive decision. The response to the poll has been a great help, guys!

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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    Cherry, I think it's safest to assume that you'll stay in the south. You might go up north, nearly die of cold your first winter, and rush back home. You may only be able to find a job in the south. It's where your roots are, so don't discount it. I moved to Europe when I was in my early 20's and it was cool... for about a month, and then I was totally homesick! :lol: For some reason I thought you were from Australia...

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I feel ya on the accent problem. I'm from the urban south, so I only have a touch of accent, but my parents and some peers can't pronounce several of the names I like. L's and R's and their combinations with some vowel sounds sometimes just don't work. I can't even say Aurelia or Laurel properly; comes out like mush. In your future search, just keep that in mind.

    Good luck!

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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    I've come to like Lyra very much, so that's the name I voted for. As for the others:

    Fiona: Love Fiona, always have, probably always will. I wouldn't mind the Shrek-connection, nowadays it's hard to find a name that's not in a movie and h, she IS a princess after all
    Hazel: Same feeling as you have, but there are other names I love much more than Hazel. (I know I'm not of any help now...)
    Iris: I'm an Iris and most people usually think of the flowers first. They do think of the eyes as well, but it never bothered me. I love my name!
    Lyra: My favourite!
    Milla: Don't really like it.

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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    Milla! Second choice Iris. gl
    eve & rose ♡ ezra & nathan

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