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  • Iris

    16 25.81%
  • Fiona

    15 24.19%
  • Hazel

    6 9.68%
  • Lyra

    14 22.58%
  • Milla

    11 17.74%
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    POLL Top Five Choices

    Hey guys! This is my last thread about this, I promise.

    After thinking about it pretty deeply and talking it over with my mom, I've narrowed down my choices to four (I'm going to tackle the middle name situation after I choose a first since the middle won't be used as much). There are a few that I had to cut that I really loved like Imogen and Ruby due to respecting my mom's wishes, and now we're left with these! Necessary evil to reach a winner, I guess.

    So, please tell me your top pick! I can honestly see myself with any of these names, but each has something that distracts me.

    Fiona: Shrek association, anyone? Saying this name makes me happy; she's so elegant, but there's also something wonderfully offbeat about her. I'm also considering Finola (thank goodness for Irish heritage).
    Hazel: My eyes aren't hazel (I know, I know! But three people have brought this up when I mentioned her.) and she doesn't have the literary/historical heft my other choices have. I love her nonetheless.
    Iris: Today, a teacher gave me a copy of van Gogh's Irises. A sign? I don't like that the iris is part of an eye, though. Is that the immediate association for anyone? Strong sentimental value for my mom. Would pair this with a quirkier middle.
    Lyra: Love the sound. Lyra is simply beautiful with the added bonus of the constellation and mythological background. Mom dislikes the "His Dark Materials" association. Familiar, but not common -- I like that. Not positive I'm a Lyra, though.
    Milla: Last minute addition! I was flipping through my notes (yes, I'm serious) and wondered why she wasn't a top choice. Family name. Not enough substance?

    (+2 to Fiona - votes were lost when I edited the poll)

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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    I voted for Iris. It's vintage, a flower name and sounds soft but strong! And if it has sentimental value for your Mother, that makes all the difference. It would be like your mother had a second chance to name you all over again. Let us know your final decision. Good luck!
    All the best,

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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    My vote would be Fiona..I love it and I actually don't think of Shrek at all when I hear it
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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    I am the lone vote for Lyra but I was thinking of Milla too.

    Names are so personal and just one encounter with a cute kid will make a name a different name for you, but I personally can't love Fiona. I personally don't like really masculine sounds in girl names, particular o, so i just can't get behind Fiona or Leona (altho Leona is close to my name, but maybe that's why I dislike it bc of confusion when younger). I do see an ogre princess when I hear this name. Other than the Shrek association, I think the Fiona problem is particular to me.

    Also, Iris just doesn't do much for me. I knew a few growing up and just didn't do. I much prefer Astrid and Ingrid, but even then, don't like those that much really.

    Hazel - I don't really think you need to have Hazel eyes with this name, but it would be cool if the baby turned out to have Hazel eyes, but there is no way ou can anticipate that! It just feels a little too old lady to me and, for me, I just can buy its funk revival.

    So it leave Lyra. I think I really like L- names on girls. It feels eternally feminine and romantic. Lyra is cool and different if you can pull it off.

    I don't love Milla, but I see its appeal.

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    Re: POLL Top Five Choices

    From reading your other posts and this one, it seems Milla is the one for you. based on your description of the name and description of yourself, Milla is the stand out!
    Finola would come in 2nd for me. Based upon your reservations about Fiona. You don't want to go from one distracted name (because it didnt fit) to another (because of association). I'd love to meet a college age girl named Finola!
    Iris would come in 3rd for me because it seems you don't love it as much as others mentioned. This would male a great mn to please your mom.
    Good luck! You're one step closer!
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