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  • Iris

    16 25.81%
  • Fiona

    15 24.19%
  • Hazel

    6 9.68%
  • Lyra

    14 22.58%
  • Milla

    11 17.74%
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    POLL Top Five Choices

    Hey guys! This is my last thread about this, I promise.

    After thinking about it pretty deeply and talking it over with my mom, I've narrowed down my choices to four (I'm going to tackle the middle name situation after I choose a first since the middle won't be used as much). There are a few that I had to cut that I really loved like Imogen and Ruby due to respecting my mom's wishes, and now we're left with these! Necessary evil to reach a winner, I guess.

    So, please tell me your top pick! I can honestly see myself with any of these names, but each has something that distracts me.

    Fiona: Shrek association, anyone? Saying this name makes me happy; she's so elegant, but there's also something wonderfully offbeat about her. I'm also considering Finola (thank goodness for Irish heritage).
    Hazel: My eyes aren't hazel (I know, I know! But three people have brought this up when I mentioned her.) and she doesn't have the literary/historical heft my other choices have. I love her nonetheless.
    Iris: Today, a teacher gave me a copy of van Gogh's Irises. A sign? I don't like that the iris is part of an eye, though. Is that the immediate association for anyone? Strong sentimental value for my mom. Would pair this with a quirkier middle.
    Lyra: Love the sound. Lyra is simply beautiful with the added bonus of the constellation and mythological background. Mom dislikes the "His Dark Materials" association. Familiar, but not common -- I like that. Not positive I'm a Lyra, though.
    Milla: Last minute addition! I was flipping through my notes (yes, I'm serious) and wondered why she wasn't a top choice. Family name. Not enough substance?

    (+2 to Fiona - votes were lost when I edited the poll)

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