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    Names that mean "quiet" or "silent"?!

    Hi, niki72 here. . .

    haven't been on in a while, the twins are getting older but enough about me, I need (drumroll, please) A NAME.

    No, I'm not pregnant. No, I'm not adopting. No, I'm not planning to have another child. I just need a name.

    Specifically, I need a name that means "quiet" or "silent". . . So if any of you have any ideas, can you maybe help me? Please and thank you so much.

    -niki72 !!

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    Re: Names that mean "quiet" or "silent"?!

    Are you looking for boys' names or girls' names?

    Zola--'quiet, tranquil' in Zulu
    Shizuka-- 'quiet summer' in Japanese
    Nirav-- 'quiet, calm' in Sanskrit (boys' name)
    Shanti-- 'quiet, peace, tranquility' in Sanskrit'
    Placida/Placido-- 'quiet, calm'
    Tihana-- 'quiet', Croatian/Serbian
    Tihomir-- 'quiet peace', Serbian (boys' name)
    Tacitus/Tacita-- 'silent, mute'
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    Re: Names that mean "quiet" or "silent"?!

    Silence- one of my guilty pleasures, don't think it could work on a real child, but it has such a lovely, melancholy sound
    Tacey- from latin 'tace' meaning be silent
    Tacitus- Silent/Mute
    Shizuka- Quiet Summer
    Thulani- Be quiet, Be comforted
    Thulile- is quiet
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