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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    Hi, sorry it took so long to reply! Thank you again for your responses! Icey100names, if I didn't love Sylvia so much, I would be so tempted with Rosalie! It's so gorgeous! We have had Emily and Evelyn on our list - I love them too (we have similar taste!) but I had not thought of Hazel - I like that too!

    Rollo, thankyou so much for your thoughtful list. I love Charles (with nickname Charley!), but I don't personally like the flow of Charles Clements, and I prefer not to use a nickname (Charley) as a full name - I like the option of a full name and a nickname. Really liked Jonathon, Jared, Sebastian on your list (as a teacher, have got some names ruled out!!!)

    So, peoples, here is a list of possibilities for a first name:
    A brother for Abigail (Abi) and Isabel (Issy) called...

    Alexander (Al)
    Owen (what is a nickname for this name, any suggestions?)
    Daniel (Dan, Danny)
    Joseph (Joe)
    Matthew (Matt)
    Vincent (don't like the nicknames Vinny, and Vince so unsure about this name)
    Caleb (Cal, Cale)
    and a name my husband would probably never go for, but I think is great: Lysander (nicknames?!)

    So I would welcome any suggestions, comments, and additions! Still waiting to find a name that makes me go "ah yes, of course that it who you are!" when talking to my belly!
    Thanks everyone!
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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    I love Caleb with Abigail and Isabel! It shares the L and B while still sounding distinct. Especially with nn's (Abi, Issy and Cal/e), the names are all lovely and strong individually and together.

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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    Hi, sorry about the delay. Thanks Gwensmon for you thoughtful comments! I do like Caleb but, I guess I'm still waiting for the "aha!"moment.

    Other names on my lst I forgot to put on before for collective commentry:
    Ewan (no nickname? and I do so love a name you can nickname!)
    Leo (also no nickname, but I love it. Maybe Leonard, Leo for nickname?)
    Theodore (Theo - apparently this is popular, but I've never met a Theo yet)
    Jared (nickname?)
    Sebastian (Seb)
    and very oldfashioned, not sure my husband would go for it, but I love it: Albert! (Al, Albie, Bert, Bertie)

    So all comments and further suggetions gratefully received! Actually, it is fun hunting names, especially with company!
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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    I like the idea of Leonard being shortened to Leo. Leo is a great name but a little short to be a full name in my opinion. I have yet to meet a Theodore or Theo as well.

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