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    Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    Hi, I am pregnant with baby 3. We like surprises, so I need a boy and a girl name ready! We have two girls called Abigail, and Isabel There is a tradition of two middle names in my husband's family, and we use the middle names to link with our family. I already like Sylvia Elizabeth Jeanne if it is a girl (the middle names are my mother and mother-in-law's middle names). But boys names are tricky! Middle names are decided - William Vernon (William is my dad/Grandfather etc middle name, Vernon is my husband/his grandfather's name). So whatever we pick it will be a long name, but I don't mind that. I wonder if a name ending with "l" will sound funny since both my girls' names end with "l". I like longer names that can have nicknames. I like more traditional names. So.... any suggestions will be gratefully appreciated!
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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    Hi Icey100names,
    Thank you so much for your suggestions! I love many of these names, but some are already used in my family! Do you think Daniel goes ok with the end letter being "l" like both my girls? There are some great names on your list - you don't think a 'c' name is too much with a 'c' surname? Once again, thanks for your great suggestions! All the best!
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    Re: Sibling for Abigail and Isabel

    Your welcome and thank you ! (:
    I don't think the "l" endings are such a problem , they go very well with your last name!
    The "C" repeating names i think are good if used with certain "C" names like if it was lets say Clint William Vernon Clements it would be kind of hard to wrap your tongue around it as where Caleb and Colton have almost a sort of difference because of the vowels after the "c". Also i must say you and your family have very good choices of names! (:
    here are some girl names i think might fit in with Abigail and Isabel:
    Rosalie * (I like the sound of them together )
    and thats all i can come up with , its kinda tricky with your daughters names both being 3 sylibles and ending in "l" it just gives me the urge to add another "L" (: All the best to you and your family as well!

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